Sunday, December 21, 2008

12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Memory Sunday


Since I am the oldest of 4 siblings that span 11 years time, I had to believe in Santa Claus until I left home, for the benefit of my younger siblings. I would always give my parents a wink and a Thank you, after I had seen what Santa had brought me.

In 2002, I played Santa for the first time. I was at my parent's house, setting up toys for my first-born. Jay-Jay the Jetplanes, Chicken Dance Elmo and some board books were among the little gifts that I carefully placed near and in her stocking. Even as I was setting up Santa's gifts, I could hardly believe it was me doing it...I still felt so strongly that Santa had really done it, when I stepped back to examine my (his) work.

In the morning, discovering the gifts with our baby was such a thrill. I will never forget her fuzzy hair, polka-dot pants and big smile, as she experienced the excitement of Christmas morning for the first time.

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Lisa said...

I will never forget it either....