Friday, December 05, 2008

Bye Bye Tales

It was Tales from the Crib that got me started blogging. I am glad. I think blogging seemed scary until Tftcarrie got me going on Tales and then pushed me into starting my own blog.

It was a great experience to write and read and learn and grow. It helped keep those intimate playgroup discussions going, that we used to have live and in color in Queens. Often when I visited the Tales blog I had images flash of all of us moms actually together. I don't think we took that time we had for granted, but I still miss it. Crashlanding into the world of MOTHER together....helping each other, learning from each other, having adventures in the Big City. There are a few of us left here, still live and in color, but our kids are getting older, our lives filled with other stuff, and it's not the same.

Tales caused some great controversies. I know the words "Tales From the Crib" were exclaimed in vain. Isn't that crazy, that a blog would get under someone's skin? Gotta love it.

A few of my favorite posts can be found there:

I Heart Being a Mom in NYC


There are more, but upon searching for them, I started re-reading posts, and now I have to go get ready for my you can find them yourself!

3ish years later, Tales is gone and I am still here.

Good idea Carrie! Thanks Tales Girls.

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Sue said...

One of my you remember this one? A baby upstairs with their legs dangling from the upstairs vent cover.