Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas Memory Sunday

Yesterday I had a memory flash quickly through my mind.

The exact timing is fuzzy, but it was in the mid-eighties. I was probably 7ish. My Dad (or maybe soon-to-be-future-Dad at that point) brought my sister, mom and me to his dental office on the south side of Chicago for a Christmas Party.

I remember the color brown, or perhaps it was just a bit dingy. I remember old dental chairs and equipment and dim lights. There was probably a Christmas tree. I am sure there was a musty and medical smell. In attendance were families of co-workers of my Dad, I think some of them were Hispanic. My Dad spoke Spanish on the job.

As a young girl I had not been exposed to many people different from me. I had not heard a lot of foreign languages spoken, I had not experienced the age and deterioration that is sometimes indicative of "inner city" establishments.

I remember someone I had just met got my sister and me a gift. I was not expecting this and I immediately held my expectations very high. My sister opened her gift and I think it was a generic Barbie or Baby doll, mine was a puzzle. I was completely disappointed in the gift. Never did it cross my mind: "It's the thought that counts." I found this photo of me with the gift, and judging by the body language, I am not quite embracing it...

Today as I watched people shopping, and as I thought about the economy and the affect that it is having on our everyday lives and undoubtedly our holiday celebration, I thought of this humble offering given to me as a child. And 20 years late, I finally appreciated it. Yet another reason to thank my Father in Heaven for the time he has given me. The time to grow, change, evolve and be more grateful with each passing day.


Lisa said...

This was a very special little Christmas party. We sat in a very dingy little area that was absolutely full of the Christmas spirit. These wonderful,humble people gave gifts that were just brimming with love! They hardly knew us. But they loved our Dad and that was enough for them. I remember it very fondly.

Linz said...

I didn't remember all of these details but remembered many! I can picture the room.

Lindsey said...

Hi, this is really random, but I saw your picture in a Real Simple magazine. An ad for Kodak. Did you know it was in there? It was the November issue, I think.

Anyway, I sometimes take a peek at your blog (via Tales From the Crib).

Happy to send you the page, if you don't already know about it!

DTA said...

Now that you bring it up, I remember it like it was yesterday.

Wow what a close time for all of us, or at least for me. I miss you when you were small!

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for reminding me!

All my love,