Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December Loves

Discovering a new part of Central Park with you on your day off after Thanksgiving.
Going to the tailor with you.
Workout schedule: you staying skinny, me, staying sane!
Listening to me process after therapy
Inspecting the clean house on Thursdays.
Being excited about my Bloomingdales purchases.
Supporting me through all the stuff...
Helping me with my new software program
Being so "boy" about watching the Firefighters tear apart a building.
Heading out to Rockefeller Center and the tourists, two days after Christmas.
Your face when you realized I had to jump in the pool to save our daughter.
Making up stories with Lil Sis about someone named Julio and a shark that ate a princess.

Lil Sis:
Watching you dance it out at the Father Goose concert at Winter's Eve.
Being dissappointed that we hadn't had a family dinner, after 4 days straight of family dinners!
Asking for SLEG music.
Singing with you for the first time.
Trying to fall asleep, nose to nose....and you kissing me on the nose when I said I needed to go...
All you want Santa to bring you is a swimsuit, you silly girl.
Skype Caroling with did a good job with Silent Night, your fa-la-las and we wish you a merry christmas.
Mom, I can only know Dasher and Francer.
The glitter after the bath bomb....just like Edward in Twilight.
Turning the lights on and off in the hotel, all day long.
Infatuation with phones and phonebooks whenever we stay in a hotel.
Asking me why I got in the pool with my clothes on.

Big Sis:
Chatting with you on the way to school.
Telling me about John Lennon, his murder and the guy that was named David, something something who shot him, and the bad word that is in that song Imagine....heaven and hall....

It's hell honey...we'll talk about it later.

Wearing the black sparkly converse for your let me make the fashion decisions for once!
Writing a letter to Santa, and asking him to bring a present for your sister.
Asking why Homeless people have clothes.
Caroling with you at the nursing home. You did a good job singing in the little trio of girls.
After playing Silent Night on her new violin at church: Mom, so many people told me I was so awesome.
Thanking me SO MUCH for Tinkerbell DVD and the Junie B Jones Top Secret Personal Beeswax Book I got you for Christmas.
Believing in Santa Claus.
Describing Christmas as "unusual"
Asking to be my cuddlebug, to help you fall asleep at the hotel.


LMT said...

This is the sweetest tradition you have. How do you recount so much each month? You are an inspiration!

Kage said...

I have such a terrible memory, that's one reason why I do it. Also, I find myself not in a love-ey place all the time, so this is a good reminder for me. I open the post on the 1st of the month, and whenever I want to record something, I just do, and then publish it at the end....

Lisa said...

You are blessed, my dear.

kj said...

Your adventures never cease to amaze us. Happy New Year!