Monday, December 08, 2008

Love Scarffers

The scarves have started arriving at my doorstep! Ms. Gedde, Sherrie and Ms. Hymas' scarves have all arrived!

The BIG shipment is going to be posted this week by my aunt KJ.

It is so fitting that someone who has taught me such a unique lesson of unconditional, undying love has drummed up the bulk of the scarves for LoveScarf 2008...and she has already started on 2009, with a knitting class that she has begun in her church community. The following is an excerpt from an email she sent me today:

"I'd like you to meet a very sweet friend of mine, M. E. She is a wonderful homemaker Mom of 4 great daughters. Now she and her husband enjoy being called Grandma & Grandpa by sweet little grandchildren:

"Meet another dear friend, M. W. who is a wonderful artist by profession. She is a proud Mom of one talented and accomplished daughter who is pianist. She performed last night for our Ballet West presentation of "The Nutcracker". Melodie also has a beautiful singing voice and loves to perform:

"L. V. is my fun neighbor. I taught her to knit several years ago. She was first to call me inquiring about yarn and needle sizes. She is a beautiful knitter. Her oldest son is serving a mission in Italy:

"Here is P. H. who is quite a character. She has been a great support to me on a couple of my big sewing projects. Pat is a great story teller and love family history. When Pat drove up this morning to deliver her love scarf who should be with her of course her two faithful terriers that she adores. Pat's daughter is also knitting for this project:

"Guess who this is, yup, Aunt K. J. I wanted you to have a whole bunch of love scarves to share at the Hospital this year. I enjoyed thinking of the individuals who might wear one of my scarves. I hope they feel warmth and healing love.

"I have enjoyed both from the time I was 11 years old when my dear Mom taught me to knit (Continental method) and my cute Grandma taught me to crochet. I love the feel, the rythmn, the process and the final creation. My belief is that anyone who learns to knit or crochet has given themselves the cheapest therapy on earth. So if you share this hobby, pass the skills on so others can enjoy it too.

"It has been a joy knitting them while I am waiting in line at Costco, Walmart, traffic jams, the Post Office or anywhere else. Knitting is always in my bag especially during the busy Christmas season. I was knitting while watching the Presidential election returns and thus named my first love scarf of 08 after soon-to-be Pres. Obama. You can guess which ones are named Obama. Others are named Neopolitan, Striper, Cherry, Lipstick, Fire, Forest, Levi, Fluffy, Pinkie, Bubblegum and Snowy":

You are all such an inspiration to me! Thanks for sharing your creations and photos with my blog!


DTA said...

Wonderful experience for all and inspirational and uplifting.

Thank you for sharing.

I know how to knit. Hmmmmmm.

kj said...

These friends have gotten a kick out of seeing their pics and scarves on your blog. Happy to help.