Monday, December 22, 2008


Our performances are complete and now we can relax into Christmas week. The past few weeks have involved a lot of hair and a lot of outfits:

Violin Concert:

Big Sis' outfit was acquired on super sale at Bloomingdales the day before the performance. I love this brand: aqua. I thought the blouse and the dress by themselves were too grown up for her age, but together: Excellent!

Violin Ensemble Concert:
I can't handle these green polka-dot shoes:

Choral Concert:

I particularly enjoyed the black sparkle converse shoes with silver tights:

And Lil Sis had a few outfits of her own. She has taken quite a fondness for this hat that Big Sis acquired in Texas this summer:

And after an unexpected snowstorm, we grabbed a brand new outfit, head to toe so that she could be warm for the rest of the day...I love these plaid pants:

Thank goodness for the recession, nothing is full price....I am stocking up like a little squirrel for when everything is expensive again, all in the name of contributing to our failing economy of course!

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