Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Posse Christmas Eve

What do you do while you wait for your kids to be at a proper level of slumber? Blog of course.

Today our chillies woke us up as IF it was Christmas morning...we knew we had a long day ahead of we headed out, even though it was raining. Above the girls mug in front of a Bergdorf Goodman window...not sure where the faces came from...

We braved the crowds at both FAO Schwraz and Disney Store...and were pleasantly surprised to meet some of our favorite characters:

After a lunch with Dad (I had pop burger onion rings...that was all I needed to make my Eve), we headed home. At 4 PM we realized 3 hours was going to make us ALL stir crazy, so we headed to Uno's. The girls love the mac n cheese, and they can be noisy and messy...

Once we got home we opened crepe-paper Santa Heads filled with goodies that Aunt Linz made, read about Jesus' story, and then switched gears again and laid some cookies out for Mr. Claus...and in the morning, I am pretty sure there will be some giftage.


evie said...

Those Bergdorf Goodman windows are strange!! Especially the ones with the wolves playing pool.
Was at FAO the other day and it was PACKED! I'm sure it was even more crowded this close to Christmas.
Hope Santa brings your kiddos bunches of goodies!

Janna said...

Merry Christmas!

from a blog lurker.

Creole Wisdom said...

I just found your blog, and I gotta say- LOVE IT!

What a neat shop window. I love NYC, and have never really got to do a Christmas there- what a dream!

UNO is a great place : )

Merry Christmas to you and your adorable family.

Helen said...

Hope you have a great day - we are dealing with a couple of grandchildren with the stomach virus that's making the rounds! Merry Chrismas to the whole Glass Posse. Playing your CD to get in the mood of the day.