Thursday, December 04, 2008

Third Person Thursday

At 4:30 she woke up a little cold. She gathered the covers and fell back into deep sleep for one last, precious hour.

She remembered her dream upon hearing the alarm. She rarely remembers dreams anymore:

She was taking her family and friends to visit the crazy bird man that she met in Bryant Park last summer. As she approached the door there was a poem framed on the wall that included one of her daughter's names in it, though it was used as a verb, not a proper name. She was sort of a tour guide, while passing the poem, pointed out the use of the name-word..isn't it quaint?

The door opened to reveal the apartment. It had the crazy bird man and his two roommates. The ceiling had white billowy sheets hanging by each of the four corners, that were filled with birds. She couldn't see the birds, she couldn't hear them, but everyone knew they were contained in the sheets. There were bird droppings coating the floor, even though the white drapes were there to contain the birds and their droppings. She felt a bit frightened that she would be hit with some droppings. The crazy bird man and his roommates were talking nonchalantly about the birds and trying to clean up, but it seemed as if they would never get it done.

The three men went about the business of birds, and it was time for her to show her posse the birds. They let the drapes down and the multitude of birds were released. She couldn't see any though. She knew they were free, but she just kept staring at the ground and the droppings and feeling anxious about the prospects, until she felt a gentle peck on her leg. She looked down and saw a penguin with kind eyes. And that is the only bird she encountered. Aside from the occupants of the bird apartment, she did not see anyone else's faces, hear their voices. She didn't see any other bird, only what remained...she didn't feel their wings flap or hear their bird noises...but she knew they were free.

The alarm woke her at 5:30 and she thought about the dream for a long time. Finally she looked up a dream interpretation of birds.


"The life cycle of a bird has so many similarities with important human stages of growth we frequently use birds to represent parts of our own important experience.

"{B}irds illustrate...the ability the mind has to recognise it is not limited to the life of the body and its senses. It can lift up and see great vistas in a sweep if it opens its wings.

"Meeting this enlarged awareness may be painful or frightening as we approach it. The enlargement of what you experience is a form of growth and brings new possibilities, all of which can strip away old ways of life and relationship. This expansion of our viewpoint, upliftment of our emotions or mind, can be a link between the world we experience with our physical senses, and the deep world of our often unconscious passions, intuitions and insights.

"penguin The penguin hardly ever appears in dreams, or in fact in literature generally, so I have not been able to gather from people┬Ás dreams how they use this symbol. From common associations however, it is likely to represent foolishness; a difficult life situation; coldness in relationships. Because of recent studies of the penguin and the major National Geographic film, the penguin might now depict lasting love and wonderful care and survival skills."

She pays attention when she remembers a dream she has had. She's glad she paid attention to this one. Now she's off to Counselor K, Session #3.


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Oh the emotional honesty of dreams!

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Next time you're in DC, stop by my house to see my penquin collection - loyal and faithful, they are, as well as quite entertaining.