Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weekend Wintuk

Thanks to Design Mom, our family got to attend Wintuk this weekend! It was a magical quest for SNOW.

We entered in the wrong place and had to walk the length of the vast theatre. The girls seemed a little on edge until we headed closer, closer, closer to the stage, and sat in the 2nd row! The girls loved that we were in the 2nd row:

The snow in the audience was SO MUCH SNOW. It was a great ending to the adventure:

Thanks Design Mom!


evie said...

love love LOVE that last pic of you three!!! way cute!

Anonymous said...

what exactly is wintuk?

Kage said...

cirque de soleil it and you will see a video from the show

Catherine said...

so cool! 2nd row rocks! I haven't heard of this cirque! fun times for the glass family!
catherine & paige in Orlando