Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Art Show

I'm pretty sure the pictures tell the story, but I would like to write a few words. Big Sis and I went to the Art Show at her school. It was such an event. Art coating the walls, a jazz band nearby and a parade to boot. Big Sis marched with her classmates donned in her handmade mask, complete with her own speaker system. Inside the mask was what she called a speaker so that she could speak to those outside of herself, and on the outside, a little cone that you could speak INTO so that she could hear you.

Should I be concerned that my daughter painted my face in dark black? Would the therapist read into that?

At the end of our evening Big Sis said: "Mom, I never saw the show, I couldn't find it." I tried to explain the difference between a dramatic presentation and an Art Show, but midway through my explanation big sis said: "Mom, could we stop talking about this now because I really don't get what you're saying." Well, good, because I don't get what I'm saying either.

My Loves April

April, what a challenging month.

Our long talk. It was nice.
Cleaning the house while we were in CA
Cleaning the house while we were in VT
Taking my parents out for dinner in Chicago
Becoming Newyorkified with the throw-down guy. Way to go honey.
Thinking the Frog Pod was cute and even installing it. I bought it for someone else, but you liked it too much for me to give it away. The girls love it too.
Always having my back: "Be good to your mom. Obey your mom. Practice your violin."
Exhibiting patience with car issues
Always balancing the budget, even when I got over it, over and over and over again.
Working so hard for our family.
Donating to my run/walk, to get me to my goal!

Lil Sis:
Being so freaky about puzzles. You just LOVE them so much
You started singing! I love your voice!
When I put a clip in your hair, you looked at yourself and said: "I look like Georgie!" Which is true, she always wears a clip like that.
Using the word "Actually" a lot.
When I came in to kiss you goodnight you said, holding my face, "Your cheeks are really really cold."
Your joy at every single animal at the zoo, even the little sparrows and turtles that do not even move.
Sitting down at the sea lion tank at the Central Park zoo, expecting the SHAMU show a la Sea World
You and our friends dogs in just LOVE animals.
Seeing the giant rottweiler that is bigger than you, in our building and just hugging it and letting it lick your face off.
When the wind has been blowing you say: "My hair is so long" which it's not, but it's so cute that you think it is.

Big Sis:
When it was time to raise pledges for your School Fundraiser you said: "I'm going to call people who love me."
Your voice and you pacing back and forth while on the phone, while trying to raise money. Crossing your fingers while you wait for people to announce what amount they are willing to donate.
After you saw the Pippi Longstocking Marionette Show, telling me about every Set Change, and what they left out from the book.
Being brave at Sea World and holding a Sea Star
The video you made there with your best friend....too funny
When the photographer came to take our photo and I was apologizing for not being ready because I had a long morning, you saying to her: "My mom and dad have been fighting ALL MORNING" I love that you tell the truth.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Brother Update

My bro is approaching his 20th birthday next week, and he has been on his mission for 9 months. He has sent us a bunch of emails and photos, but I have narrowed it down to my favorite 3 pictures. There are so many stories he has shared with us and I am so proud of him.

He attended Utah State University before he left for his mission and had plans to be roommates with some other young men that are also on missions right now. One of his future roommates was serving a mission in Brazil until he was tragically killed in a Hit and Run accident last week. My heart goes out to his family and of course to my brother and all of their mutual USU friends and community who are mourning his tragic loss.

Monday, April 28, 2008

New Colors

Been playing around with my website.

I am enjoying the blue. I will do some more tinkering later....but for now, 
check out the blue!

$100- That's It!

I have until Saturday to raise 100 dollars for the Revlon Run/Walk. Will you help?

Yes I Will!

Thanks....I can't believe I am THIS CLOSE to my $2000- goal!!!!*

*Not all donations have been recorded on the website just yet.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gradually Going Green

I had such a fantastic time doing the Snow Queen Reading at NYU last week.

It was so great to learn new music and sing with professionals. My favorite of my many small roles was being a crazy dandelion in Mother Spring's garden, trying to kill Gerda. (Not familiar with the Snow Queen tale? Check this book out.) Doing the reading was such a treat for me after these many crazy weeks since (what we now call) The Head Bump.

One of my castmates, Julie, was taking leave from her EXTREMELY GREEN life. I WISH I could have gotten to know her better, but what with 2 acts of a new musical and only a few days to learn it in, I am left only with her website.

Click here to explore Your Environmental Road Trip. There are a lot of great videos and blogs to inspire your greenness.  Enjoy.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Road Trip?

DH and I spent a little time analyzing the Posse analytics. It's always fun to see how far-reaching the Posse can be. I love all the emails I get about a wide variety of topics...yes, people have started moving from the topic of my hair to obama campaigning, commercials and of course the seizure advice.

I thought it would be fun to visit some of the towns where there is moderate readership. The following is a list of towns that I think would be doable for a road trip:

Cavendish, VT

Newport, NH
Claremont, NH

Chicopee, MA
South Hadley, MA

Avon, CT
South Windsor, CT

Ho Ho Kus, NJ
Fair Lawn, NJ
Harrison, NJ

Byron, NY
Pleasant Valley, NY
West Nyack, NY

I am especially wanting to visit Ho Ho Kus, I mean come on.....the name alone! And, Byron, after my Grandpa.

So, if any of ya'll are reading, let me know where I should visit if I come by your town. I am a fan of mom and pop bookstores and good eats.

Friday, April 25, 2008

End of Earth Week

To End Earth Week, a few more photos.

A little dandelion trying to reach for the light:

One of Lil Sis' favorite things to do is smell, and she smelled this tiny little flower:

We threw a lot of rocks into this little creek. As soon as we left, a fast little woodchuck came running down the hill and into the creek, I think he was waiting for us to leave:

On the Edge of the Earth:

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Today, our Vermont adventures took us to the Simon Pearce factory and retail store. We spent some time watching the glassworkers shape glass into things very similar to this decanter. It was fascinating to see the whole process, something I have never thought about when glancing at glassware at a department store. The glass is heated to 1500 degrees, so watching got a little hot.

The girls found some relief by sticking their faces into the grated windows.

After that we passed by one of Vermont's many beautiful covered bridges. And then we stopped by to meet some animals.

Lil Sis loved the cat, and despite the severe cuddling, she did not get a hiss or a scratch.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Walking through Vermont, we experienced nature today.

Earth Week...Whattup with this tree?

The weirdest tree we found on our earth day walk...

Seriously, why is one branch sticking straight up and the rest drooping down with totally different color blooms?

Gradually Going Green

I posted a Green Post on my Mother Blog....

And, I also survived the first night in the Haunted Vermont House.

Enjoy the post.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things that go Bump in the Night

We're staying in an old house of the late Maxfield Parrish in Vermont. And,
I'm pretty sure it's haunted. I'll let you know if I make it through the night....wah ha ha ha ha.....



Vermont is nowhere like my 'hood.

Happy Earth Day

As Earth Week Continues, on Earth Day I post my Little Tree Hugger!  I am grateful for the beautiful cherry blossoms that are scarce in our neighborhood, but seem to be all over NYC this spring!  I am also immensely grateful to the makers of Claritin, Nasonex and Singulair for keeping my allergies under control.

If you are feeling Extra Earth-Dayie, click on  this List of past Gradually Going Green Posts and make a change in your life to honor Earth Day today...and every day.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Week

In honor of Earth Day this week, the girls and I went on a nature work and took some photos of our special Earth.

My little buds found some little buds.

$170 to go!

Thanks to all of you who have already donated to the


May 3rd is fast approaching and I am down to $170- to make my goal! There is one offline donation that hasn't come through yet, so don't be fooled when you click over to the site, I am actually a bit closer than my thermometer shows!

If you can spare a little, it goes a long way.

Click Here.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

All these, every day.

There is one more teeny tiny folic acid one that is yellow that must be hiding behind the giant flaxseed oil capsules. I also snort some yummy nasonex to avoid a repeat of May 2006's wheezing and coughing atrocities.

Good Times.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Here are a few of my fave pix from our family photoshoot with MaryJane.

Friday, April 18, 2008


At 1:56 PM today,

I felt like myself.



A Tisch Girl

When I was in High School palling around with all the would-be actors, the name Tisch came up quite a lot as a possible destination for theatre education.

I never auditioned for any of the New York Schools, but always thought Tisch sounded pretty important and professional and the ultimate.

I am excited to say that I am now a Tisch girl, sort of. I am part of the Cast Reading THE SNOW QUEEN next week as part of the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at Tisch. I auditioned back in January and sort of forgot about the whole thing until I got a call a few weeks ago to participate. I was reluctant at first, but then decided that this was actually the perfect time for me to do a reading because I am taking time out of auditioning anyway, so I will not have the stress of working around that crazy schedule.

It felt so good to sing yesterday. I haven't sung like that in a long time. I was sitting in a room full of talented singers and actors who have enviable experience and resumes. I was assigned the high soprano, so it was nice to be reminded that, yes I can sing THOSE notes, and read that music. But, as is always the case with the new composers, the music is ever so challenging and forces this delicate balance of thinking really hard and just letting go enough to sing the CORRECT note.

I have been given the day off today because I have a smaller role and I am a mommy, so I will spend a lot of time with the music to get it lodged into the part of my brain that I can still count on, and then for the rest of the day I MUST CLEAN!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My little one turned 3 today.

I tried to make her birthday extra special by spending some quality time with her not only today, but also yesterday. Yesterday we went to the coolest playground in Central Park where we saw these crazy Juno Boys out promoting the release of the Juno DVD.

After that we had lunch at popburger with Dad. Lil Sis had a 7-UP for lunch, after rejecting all attempts at turkey-burger bites. We then headed to FAO Schwarz to pick out a birthday puzzle, only to run into the Extreme Cookie Challenge, thereby topping off the already sugary lunch with 5 different cookies.

Today we had a mini birthday party for her at the Central Park Zoo with our friends Heather and Fi. I took the most beautiful photos of the two girls at the zoo and of course I had a technical malfunction that I am still a bit steamed about. All of my gorgeous shots of Lil Sis from this morning to this afternoon are GONE. I did manage to save a few from the Happy Birthday Cupcake tonight. UGH. I might have to go back to the zoo JUST to get a few of those shots in...her feeding the animals...serious moxie there.

After an afternoon of lunching and walking, my friend, La-la-la Linda helped me with the kids while I got set up for my 24-hour EEG. Just a warning here, as you are scrolling down, I look HOT, and I feel even hotter. I called my agents tonight to see if there was ANYTHING I could go on tomorrow, because I think I might just clinch a few jobs ON THE SPOT. (I didn't really call them, don't worry). I will, however, be going to Costco tomorrow, but I have no worries about that because this is New York after all, and frankly I think I fit in BETTER with my new look, then when I am just myself.

Lil Sis, who in general quite prefers her Dad, was all over me as I walked out of my Electroding Room. She examined my head, asked if anything hurt and touched the gauze and wires. She held my hand the entire time from when she saw me, all the way out to the car. I think it was her little way of showing unconditional love for her mom. We had a love day Lil Sis and me. We've made it for 3 years. And I just love that little terror so much.

Monday, April 14, 2008

485! 485! 485! We CAN DO IT!

I am down to less than 3 weeks until the Revlon Run Walk and I only need $485 to reach my 2K goal. I promised my now significant team (anyone out there in NYC still want to join....nycmanzanita? tempting huh!?)...that if I reached my 2K goal, and hence received the prize of an ipod shuffle...that I would GIVE that shuffle to the team member that earned the most money for the cause.

So, help a mother out!!!! Got 5 bucks....throw it in the pile....... HERE!


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cabbage Patch

I texted my friend even though I knew she was in labor.

I asked her what I could make with 2 heads of cabbage. I also texted two other friends at the same time, with the same question. I then forgot that I texted that.

Later on I got two texts in a row from my friend in labor:

"Epidurals Freakin' Rule"


"Kimshee" "Kimchee"

I was so surprised that she named her boy Kimshee after she had mentioned a whole list of non-Asian names before she left for the hospital. I was so convinced that this was the baby's name that I phoned another of our mutual frend's to tell her that the baby was named Kimshee and where did that name come from?

After much back and forth we decided that Kimshee was not the baby's name, but must be a word for like a zen place, like OM....and it was the follow up to the epidural text, NOT the announcement of the baby's name.

It wasn't until later that afternoon when my friend texted me a third time, in response to my question: What? You named the baby Kimshee?:

"Kimshee is what you can do with 2 cabbages." Oops.

I am pretty sure I won't be able to call that baby by his given name....he will be Kimshee for a while.

Kimchi anyone?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Photo Preview

We had our portraits done today. I have not seen most of the 700 frames that Mary Jane took, but she did slip a few my way via email, and I will give a sneak peak here.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Third Person Friday (look, her brain is broken, she can't keep track of the days anymore)

She had two appointments today.

Her first was for an MRI at the Weill Cornell Imaging Center, which seriously had the most beautiful waiting room she had ever seen, and she only waited about 2 minutes, to her disappointment, as she had just found a comfy chair in a sunny spot, to curl up and read while she waited.

She had read over the literature about possible allergic reactions to the dye-injection for MRI's. She remembered the strange severe rash she had upon coming home from the hospital that she had blamed on the detergent used in the gowns and sheets in the hospital and the IV fluids and who knows what else. She decided to read over the material on the dye to see if anything stood out to her as a possible allergen, but nothing did so she proceeded.

She was in and out of sleep during the MRI until about halfway through when she was awakened by the technician. She watched him insert the dye into her IV and she had a foreboding feeling inside because she thought she was most likely a candidate for being allergic to the gadolinium. She didn't think about it too long and went back to her MRI nap.

When it was all over she walked to her Endodontist appointment to check in on her bottom teeth. He sprayed something on a tool and pressed it onto her tooth and she almost jumped out of her seat in pain. Then he did it to the next tooth and she did not feel a thing. Then the next one, nope...nothing. And finally, on the fourth one, she almost leaped out of her chair again.

2 dead.

She failed. She never likes that feeling of failure, even if the dead teeth weren't her fault. It was that stupid-girl-on-the-playground-in-2nd-grade-whose-forehead-got-lodged-into-her-front-teeth-while-they-were-both-running-towards-each-other-and-collided's fault. Yes, the trauma of 2nd grade that gave her 2 root canals several years back, is now rearing it's ugly tooth again. Her appointment for 2 root canals is on April 30th.

She then went about her day and suddenly at around 3:30 she felt the rash kick in. She knew it. She knew she was allergic to that dumb dye. She is usually totally fine with handling an allergic rash, but this one is different, and since this is third person after all, she feels fine revealing that those private parts you teach your children not to talk about (all of them), are afflicted to the max by this uncomfortable RASH. OOOOUUUUUUUCCCCHHHH!

She then got the phone call from her doc. Doc informed her that her MRI indicated that her brain was still recovering from the trauma and confirmed blood spots as opposed to calcifications. She assured her: "it's ok, you don't need your frontal lobe anyway, our brains double up all over the place so you'll be fine." "Great," she thought, "now I'm down two teeth and a frontal lobe." She asked about where she goes from here and how does she get a diagnosis with a normal EEG and a clear MRI under her belt. Her doctor suggested a 24-hour EEG and also indicated that the events she described surrounding the seizure are pointing to epilepsy.

After she had gotten the normal EEG results she had been hoping for a free and clear bill of health, so at the conclusion of this conversation, she felt the anguish return. Her daughter was there to give her hugs and her DH and then her mom both gave comforting words over the phone, that in a nutshell, went something like this: "Give yourself a break." So, she's going to try, after the itching stops.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Birthday Re-Re-do

Is Re-Re-do a word?

Today I tried again. Ok, first I realized that yesterday's apparent irrational grief really was not me, but part of the medicine situation. I woke up so happy today, thank goodness. It was a beautiful day today. Lil Sis and I went around the town enjoying the weather so much. I went to my first casting in a while, and I felt a little shaky...maybe nerves I wasn't expecting? Maybe because I didn't eat enough lunch? Maybe I was just having one of those days. I did have a bit of a dizzy day today.

After the casting I spent some quality time in my favorite clothing store. I feel that I scored. I got 7 adorable pieces and 6 of them were on sale. My favorite find was this ridiculous skirt:

It is perfect for the musician mom that I am. There are prints of pianos just under the waistband and the bulk of the skirt is a musical staff with notes and the base is a keyboard. I got a sweet little sweater that is a sort of coral color that matches the coral in the skirt. I can't wait to wear it to the next concert. I got a few other summery tops, a new summer denim pencil skirt, and some winter pants that I hope to get into the rotation a few times before it gets super hot. As I polished off the last red velvet cupcake tonight, I have finally put my birthday to rest.

World, I'm now 29!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Birthday Re-do

My birthday re-do did not happen today.

I woke up not feeling well. I blame my very bad mood and inability to cope with life in general on the meds. I dropped Lil Sis off at school and came home and went back to bed for 3 HOURS! I didn't even want to get up after that...I think I could have slept all day.

I am agitated and obsessing about little stupid things. I couldn't find my glasses for about 5 minutes and almost fell in a pile of my own tears over it. How I felt today was reminiscent of the bad depression days of 2006. I am hoping it is just a passing mood swing and that I will recover, but if I am not feeling more like myself in a few days, I will be giving the doc a call. Maybe she can add another pill to my regiment (read PROZAC).

In other news both of my agents called today. One had a go-see for a print job that I just "can't pass up", so I think I will try to go to my first one in 5 weeks tomorrow. My commercial agent called to see how I was doing and it really touched me that he would take time to see how I am doing with no strings attached. Lil Sis and I got along much better today. We spent a total of about 35 minutes you think that had anything to do with it?

Big Sis and I had a good day going to ballet class and practicing a new song that I assigned her on her violin to play in church some day in the future. During her ballet class I managed to score some great fabric at a local fabric store for her Halloween Costume. I know it's early, but you know us!

The most peace I felt today was while I listened to the 4th podcast of A New Earth. I am enjoying reading the book by Tolle and listening to him further explain some of the abstract concepts he writes about. It has been good timing to read it right now when I have a lot of questions about life in general, and it is helping me remember that I can seperate myself from the crazy feelings that sometimes pop up while I continue on this journey.


THIS DRESS! I saw it and HAD to have it, but I could only track down one on this entire Long Island and Manhattan Island, and it fit the wrong kid. Lil Sis does look cute in it, but I did want it for Big Sis. I am having her portrait taken by this photographer who did the cover of my album. The portrait is meant to be a girl and her violin.

Since the dress I saw is not available in her size, I bought a few others, and I am opening up comments to you to vote on which dress I should have her violin portrait taken in.

In the midst of our styling photoshoot, Lil Sis and Daddy got in on the fun. They are best friends these days.