Monday, June 30, 2008

Back to Reality

Today I had an audition for a 50-year-old Children's Theatre company.

The Paper Bag Players is the name of the company, and their studio workshop is full of you guessed it....paper bags and cardboard. I auditioned in a small group of girls with a few company members and the artistic director. She was an elderly lady who spoke so quietly as she gave direction, but had a boisterous voice while doing her singing line of the audition. In groups of three we each sang a brief solo line and she sang the 4th, purposely loud and out of tune. It was hilarious. I decided right then and there I want to be her when I grow up.

After our group of 6 sang and walked (a tiny little dance step), 2 of us were asked to stay and read. As I was one of those asked to stay and read a few sides, I felt good about the audition. They let us know callbacks would be in about a week. I am not sure what the commitment is like. The contract is September to May, but I don't know how rigorous the performance schedule is. We'll see what happens...I am just glad to be auditioning for's been a while.

This afternoon Big Sis swindled me into taking her to not one, but two pools. We arrived at our local public pool right before the 1-hour break, so after we swam for 45 minutes, she convinced me to call a friend who has a pool on the roof of her building. Luckily she was at home and available to let us on up. So, we swam for another hour in a pool about 1/40th the size of the public one...and only 1 other person in it, instead of a LOT.

Swimming and sunning is not #1 on my list, but I felt good about it because it is our first official day of summer and swimming is what kids like to do in summer right? RIGHT.

My Loves June

Lil Sis:
Your L's are still so great: cLass, cLock, bLack, cLap, vioLin, Lips, Low, sLow...I love the way you pronounce them.
Asking how the cat, FriGOleeto is.....the cat's name is actually Frijolito...H sound, not G
Making houses and airplanes with the blankets and jumpropes
Falling asleep in random do this in spurts...I think it means extra growing.
Being a really good walker (finally)
The way you pronounce sunscreen: skrumskreen
Getting wet in the sprinklers, fully-clothed..and being cold on the way home, even though I tell you the consequences. you cannot resist water.
Your pronunciation of the word breakfast: Every morning: "Can you make me breckess?"
Wanting to Skype Coco and Grammy & Papa

Big Sis:
Thanking me with more sincerity then I have seen from you in a long time, after I took you to Victorian Gardens.
Forgiving me my many many weaknesses (many)
Your enthusiasm for summer reading...chapter books.
Enjoying Violin practice most mornings.
The way YOU pronounce sunscreen: Sunscream
Your infectious enthusiasm for basically everything in life.
The grounded feeling I get when you take my hand. Sometimes it's the only gesture that makes me feel whole during my chaotic days.
Spooning into me and saying: "Im your cuddle bug."
Wanting to save Wall-E to see with Grammy and me, and choosing to go to the pool instead.

Talking me through my manic morning...with a little song to boot.
Not questioning me for a second when I wanted to go to the funeral. Texting me about it while in a meeting.
Getting up every morning with the kids so that I can exercise. Making lunches and breakfast for the girls.
Getting home when I need to go out.
Reading RATS with me.
Balancing the checkbook after I overspend and forget to log my purchases.
Being excited when I get my inconsistent paychecks.
Being excited about planning our 10-year-anniversary trip
Working so hard on your diet....keep up the good work honey.

Friday, June 27, 2008


I am taking a teeny, tiny, quick trip right now.

I found out earlier this week that a family friend passed away after a long battle with Parkinson's. A little bird told me that my name was mentioned as a possibility to sing at the funeral.

I hung up the phone and booked the flight.

So now I am here, and I am trying to mentally prepare for the funeral in the morning. I am singing a song that I have sung at 3 previous funerals and a 9/11 memorial service. This song is loaded, and that's an understatement.

I am glad I went to the viewing tonight so that I could shed some emotions so that I am a bit clearer tomorrow. Sweet Dreams.

Lil Cat

Once she spied the face painting, suddenly she was capable of patience.

She waited and watched intently as the face painter transformed two little girls faces, before her very eyes. I don't know what was so fascinating to her....the model or the artist. She enjoys painting at school, and she also enjoys when I put makeup on her face. The entire process was just completely centering for her.

As she watched the first little girl get transformed into a puppy, I asked her what she wanted, and she came up with a kitty cat that was pink with blue stripes. The girl ahead of her heard this, and told the artist: I would like a pink cat with blue stripes. The non-conformist in me did not enjoy hearing this, but the leader in me was glad that Lil Sis took a stand, made a choice, and inspired other people to follow.

She embodied that cat for most of the night. She meowed and crouched and in general, was just totally bananas cute.

It was a highlight of our Victorian Gardens evening for sure.
Big Sis got a butterfly, and did a fair amount of fluttering throughout the night as well.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yesterday's Adventure: Victorian Gardens

More text and pics later, but some of my faves for now:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Sometimes I feel guilty posting about auditions I have, in case I am like giving away industry secrets or something....

So, I won't give away the company or the main idea of the commercial, but only what I had to do for the audition yesterday.

I had to lick.

Lick, lick, lick. I had to pretend lick. I pretend-licked stuff and then I actually licked a disposable spoon.

It wasn't sexy or raunchy or was just matter-of-fact licking.

10 years plus acting experience has lead me to this. When I told my fellow-kindergarten mom about my audition, she remarked that if she could see anyone doing that audition, it would be me.

Was that a compliment?

Hmmmm....I mean.....schlurp.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Obama '08

My newest Independence Day Jewelry:

You like? You can get some too:
Click here.

Monday, June 23, 2008

On a Roll

Since I am a member of Actors Equity Association, I have the opportunity to attend many audition offerings here in the big city.

The process for these auditions can be daunting, especially compared to my more regular audition situation of getting a time, having a typically minimal wait, and having my agent do my bidding for me.

For theatre, I have no agent, so I am left to get the appointments on my own. I attend this array of auditions sporadically. I get motivated and then after several schleppy days or long lines or bad auditions or callbacks that lead to another callback and then nowhere....I lose my motivation. Add to that dragging along one or both kids...and making them wait too..forget it!

Right now I am on a motivated upswing. I think that it started after the exercise upswing (which, btw is still going decently well....only 4 days last week, but if you count the day I vigorously cleaned my house, then 5). On June 13th I had 2 open-calls that I attended and last week 3. Also last week I missed 2 that I really wanted to attend, but I am also on a just-say-no and self-care upswing, so something's gotta give.

Today, however I had another chance at one of the auditions I missed last week. I got a sitter for Lil Sis, dropped Big Sis off at school, (DH had a golf outing, lucky), and then headed downtown to the Public. I got an audition slot for 10:30. Instead of sitting around for 1 hour, I headed back up to Telsey at Times Square and got an 11:10 slot for Rock of Ages, realizing that I would probably not make it to the 11 AM check-in time....but there was lots of open space so I just had faith all would work out..and if it didn't, there were 2 more days of auditions for Rock of Ages, so I was ok....but I had the babysitter TODAY!

Anyway, Bounce at the Public went ok...I had a little frog in a few notes, but come on, it was early. I then BOUNDED uptown to get to Rock of Ages, and after running enough to induce a little splintage in the shins and definite sweat on the brow, I was like 20 seconds late for my check-in time. Crikey! Those unionites are sticklers for RULES!

It was ok though because the monitor said he could fit me in a slot 15 minutes later. As I found a spot to settle into in the waiting room, I noticed yet ANOTHER audition going on for ANOTHER show that I MISSED last week, so I was able to fit my GRINCH audition into that 15 minutes! As soon as I exited GRINCH I was escorted right into Rock of I went from a 1930's Rodgers and Hart piece to ALONE by Heart. Wicked. I thought I sang both of those auditions pretty well, and I attribute my happy adrenaline, exercise...that jog from 7th to 8th ave. is a bit of a beast! Maybe I will start getting my heart rate way up right before singing a demanding rock ballad in the future.

To top off my on-a-roll feeling. I got a call today from someone who received my resume in the mail! Seriously, this, in itself is a miracle. So, I guess I will attribute that one to my new headshots by MaryJane. callbacks, no holds, no bookings, but I am feeling good about this recent motivational, musical theatre upswing.


Saturday night my little one finally earned her 3-year-award. She was so excited about this trophy....I think more than even Christmas morning.

Here we are on the way to the recital:

And here we are at home, with her beloved trophy:

Sunday, June 22, 2008


We often fall asleep on Sunday afternoons. This Sunday we all amazingly enough, fell asleep at the same time and pretty much woke up together too.

Last Sunday though, I fell asleep and was awakened by a little snore. And this is what I found:

Then we shifted her to a little more comfortable position:

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Little Ballerina

After her first recital, when she didn't get a trophy, Big Sis had a cow. After I explained that you needed to do ballet for 3 years in order to get a trophy, she committed right then and there for 2 more years of ballet. She also committed to growing her hair long so that she could fit it into a bun without a hairpiece.

Well, two recitals later, her class' costume has not required a all that growing-out is for naught. But they are still giving out the 3-year trophy! She is so excited about getting that tonight. And I am just wondering where she thinks she's going to display it. ugh.

I am so proud of her commitment and dedication. She was named Class Leader a few months back, which means the whole class follows her in the front. I made her a DVD of the number and she goes through it multiple times a week to make sure knows all the steps. Right now the sponge curlers are in, and we are going to go do one last cram session before the big night!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Miracle

My apartment got clean today, by my own two hands.

A true miracle. Thank you NPR podcasts for getting me through it. Oh, and the 2nd third of my Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Third Person Thursday

She woke up at 5:15 AM.

She sat down around 6 PM to chill after a long day. She fell asleep.

Her husband picked up the pieces.

Once she woke up around 7:30, she needed some ice cream. She went on a slow walk and picked up some Cake Batter-flavored Ben and Jerry's.

She's still worn out.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gradually Going Green

Planet Green. Has it shown up on your cable yet?

Okay I know that watching tv with the electric air conditioning pumping isn't exactly Green...but I would say I watch much less tv then the average american, and I am not one to have it on for background noise.

I do, however need to chill for a few hours at night, and I usually tivo a little something or other. My latest addiction is checking out the new shows on Planet Green, and most specifically, Living with Ed. Seriously, I would love living the way he does, if I had a 48-hour day and a chunk of change to invest in solar paneling, solar ovens, land for a garden, a prius etc. etc. (Is writing etc. twice redundant? I think it might be).

Until I can become Ed Begley, I will continue to be voracious about recycling, using my own bags, recycling boxes, and not back out of my promise to have a compost pile when I get a yard some day....oh and a worm composter for the yard too.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I arrived at the audition around 8:30. The line was long. The room was hot. I set up Lil Sis with a movie on my mac while I waded through the room while keeping my place in line.

My plan was to try to get an early time slot, so that I could make it to Big Sis' school by noon for my mystery reader appearance. As body after body signed up and the available starting time got later and later, I started to think of a plan B...which was to take the last time slot, get a sitter for the afternoon and just go home after the sign in.

When I finally reached the table there were only about 10 slots left for the entire day, and 4:10 won out. BUT It was now close to 10, I had a noon appearance at Big Sis' school, a 2:50 pick-up of Big Sis and a 7 o clock curtain...what to do what to do....

I decided to stay in the city, but my BAG was so heavy what with my book of music and the computer and all the accoutrement that come with being a mystery reader and mom extraordinaire (ie WIGS...which btw, we wore out of the casting out here comes Annie and Tinkerbelle.) So, I made my way to Big Sis' school and dropped off my bag in secret, so that I didn't break my back and sweat through my wardrobe.

Lil Sis and I then did a little cosmetics shopping, lunch eating and playground playing until it was time to don our wigs. I straightened her tinkerbelle and I adjusted my Annie Wig and then we arrived to read Cat in the Hat, Paperbag Princess, No Oridnary Olive and Olivia Saves the Circus...all very fun read-alouds I might add.

After this we met up with a friend at Central Park during her lunch break. While we sat on a bench waiting for her we observed dogs. We saw a beautifully groomed black standard poodle with a very chic middle-aged woman as owner, walking through the park. We were watching her and admiring her beautiful dog when all of a sudden she started ranting and raving.

As the horse-drawn carriages passed her she screamed at the drivers and passengers: "This is abuse. These animals are old and exhausted. Get them off the street. This is abuse." She attacked about 3 different drivers with her screams, and they seemd to smile and egg her on a bit, almost like this was a daily routine with them. I was so taken aback! Never judge a standard poodle and it's owner by their cover...there can be a Crazy hidden under all that fluff.

After that Lil Sis needed to go to the potty right away. Being in the park, I told her we could try to find some grass to go in where it was secluded. We went exploring in the foliage but only happened upon a girl who was dancing quite dramatically and with quite a bit of passion. Lil sis just stood and stared and said: "She needs music. Where's her music?" I tried to explain that she had music in her head and that we couldn't pee here.

We made our way to The Shops at Columbus Circle for a potty break and a jamba juice. Did you know they will split the power size into two sixteen ouncers? You save like 3 bucks by doing that.

Finally we made it to pick up Big Sis and then we all trekked back to the audition studios and set up shop again....snack, computer, Cinderella III, promises of extra super snacks if we don't spill the jamba juice AGAIN, and don't have a meltdown after that long long day.

A beautiful woman, Miss Lynn appointed herself as Steward over the little ones, and helped keep them occupied while I was in the room. I sang a brief Reflection from Mulan and I was glad that I saw it through to that moment, especially after I noticed the 14 inch stack of headshots of hopefuls that did not make it into the room today. We then packed up AGAIN and made it all the way home in surprisingly good spirits, stopping for a super snack of watermelon for Big Sis and 2 hard-boiled eggs for Lil Sis. Yummy.

I ate and changed clothes and made my way to Lincoln Center to see my first LCT production of the brand spankin' newly awarded Tony show SOUTH PACIFIC.

Stop what you are doing. Go to RIGHT now and book your flights. You must see it before Paolo leaves. The show is just stunning, I sat there smiling the entire time, and of course shed some tears.

I happened to walk by the stage door on my way to the subway and saw my little friend who stars as Jerome and he gave me a backstage tour, which is always a bonus. The standout performance for me was Danny Burstein. Serious Powerhous that one.

In three minutes I will have been up for 18 hours. That's a long time for me...that is NOT following my sleep ga'night.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pitch Perfect

I have been bitten by the musical theatre bug....again.

Last week I attended two open calls, for Mary Poppins...again and Avenue Q. They went pretty well considering the long hiatus I have had from the auditioning scene. The biggest difference in the auditions last week compared to past auditions, is I had let go of a lot of fear. I haven't quite gotten over the nerves for musical theatre auditions, like I have for commercials and such.

Tomorrow I am attending another one. This time an open call for the Disney peops. Tonight I finally remembered and pulled out my book to do a quick run-through of my piece. Before opening my piano, I asked Big Sis if she could sing an A.

She sang a note....I then played the A on the piano and they matched.

I told her she could retreat to her bedroom as I just became a very jealous mom.

My "perfect pitch" is always a half step low. I know this now, so sometimes I can adjust it in my head before singing outloud, but I highly doubt at the age of 6 I could just sing an A on demand. Boy Howdy.

She then sang REFLECTION with me SEVERAL was kind of a role reversal...she coached me through my practice, instead of the other way around.

The Lake

This past weekend we swam in a lake, and boated and inhaled nature. It was nice.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Worn Out

On the way to our end-of-the-school-year party in Putnam Valley today...

Big Sis heard Dad say: "SHUT..up..." in THAT way, that disbelief way...not the SHUTUP (as in be quiet right now) way...and she said: "You said the S word.."

She then went on to explain that you are not allowed to say that S word, and she continued: "And you cannot say the other S word either. I know what the other S word is."


I said: "Oh really!? How do you spell the OTHER S word?"

Big Sis: "S------T------O------O-----P-----I------D!"


I continued: "Oh yeah, you totally can't say that S word either.

Innocence continues....

Summer Read-Aloud List

Big Sis and I spent a little time at the computer last week and chose our summer reading list:

Ivy and Bean and the Ghost that Had to Go

The Cricket in Times Square

The Doll People


Friday, June 13, 2008

My Third Child

My third child is

the violin. Violin, meet the the violin.

For the past year I have spent much time with Big Sis and my third child, violin. We have had ups, downs, joy, tears, and even probably the biggest fight we have ever had, EVER....yes my daughter and I had a screaming mess over the violin.

She has hit me with the bow....and there is a strong possibility that I have hit her with it as well (I think I have blocked that in my mind)....please don't report me, if you have ever studied the violin with a 5-year-old, you will understand.

Lil Sis totally busted the first bow....just pulled that horse hair RIGHT out. She also occassionally pulls out a mini violin that we are borrowing from a friend, and tries her hand at a few tunes....even though it only has 3 strings, and only 2 that are functioning.

When our journey began I humbly thought I might be pretty equipped to handle violin-study. After all, I do have a Bachelor of Music which is not NOTHING right?

I was completely overwhelmed with the entire process of studying this instrument! I stressed about it for a while, but then we started settling into a good routine, and we started making progress! I have avoided blogging much about it, so there really should be several posts about my feelings by now, but the above are just a few of my musings.

Around winter we got a memo from the teacher that we needed to increase our practice time to 60-90 minutes a day. That was my second freak out...(the first being, the beginning)....I decided we would try for 30-60 minutes, and possibly more than 60 on weekends. I also polled the other parents in her class (all the children study an instrument), and they assured me most of them were not doing any more than 30 minutes, and most were doing 15 to 20 minutes. Phewsh. I found our happy medium.

Last night Big Sis had her last performance of the year...and played her entire first year repertoire. Her teacher emailed me this morning:

"Congrats on Big Sis' performance. She really excels when she gets in front of
people. She didn't show any fear or nervous feelings. I think she is a
natural performer."

Another child in her class' mom also noted that she had improved much since the mid-year concert and that she was a "stand-out."

Finally some feedback! Playing the violin with Big Sis day in and day out with nothing but constructive criticism from teacher twice a week gets a little lonely. I just didn't know how she was doing, but I think I can safely say that year 1 has been a success!

You can judge for yourself:

Video Friday

I did not have a stroke, but I did have a little experience that has brought me much pause of late.

I listened to a podcast of this brain-genious Jill Bolte Taylor, and I was speechless, but if I had to find words, I would say I found it inspirational.

I could not imbed the video, so click here to watch it instead.

I ordered her book to read as soon as I finish RATS. If you have about 15 minutes, it's really worth watching this video clip.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today's Adventure: Bernadette at Barnes and Noble

Big Sis' kindergarten teacher is so open and flexible to adventure. I suggested we go see Bernadette Peters at her Barnes and Noble Appearance today, and she jumped right on board. In fact, the kids had a copy of her book, Broadway Barks, and had read it already several times.

We packed up the kids and the book and made our way over to B and N this morning at 10 AM. We had front row seats as we had another mom call ahead and make arrangements for us to walk right in ahead of the crazy fans.

She has one of the most unique looking dogs, and he is featured in the illustrations of the book. She read the story and then sang the lullaby at the end. After that she signed copies of the book, and here she is signing the kindergarten class' copy. And of course, I had to get one each for my girlies as well. Someday, they will appreciate the legend that is Bernadette......

Third Person Thursday

She was sitting at the park last week chatting it up with her fellow parents. She saw this lady walk by with a microphone and a camera guy tailing her.

She thought she recognized her as the Seasonique girl. She excused herself from her conversation and approached her.

"Hey, you're the birth control girl." She said.

Birth control girl then replied: "YOU'RE the birth control girl."

A conversation ensued about the business, the recent SNL commercial mocking all birth control commercials, and Cheating Moms.


Back from watching? Ok...

Seasonique girl, who turned out to have a name, interviewed her for her new job on moblogic tv. She found some of the questions to be a little uncomfortable, but did her best to help out a fellow entertainer (does birth control commercials count as entertainment?)

She is glad she had her makeup done that day at least....

Watch her appearance on mob logic below:

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mrs. Clean

I had an audition for Mr. Clean last week on Friday.

I did a pretty involved scene for the audition, with a cartoon man. Yes, Mr. Clean himself. I had to use my imagination to IMAGINE him pointing out spots I needed to clean, and then showing me the a cleaner, cleaner life.

The callback is tomorrow. I have washed the blouse I wore, it's hanging to dry right now, and I am trying to imagine Mr. Clean hanging out in my apartment, for character work and such.

This is my second callback since I got back in the saddle, so I am happy...that means something's going right!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

To the Utahans

Is Utahan a word?

I know I have a lot of Utah readers, so I will share a Glass Posse once-removed event happening in West Jordan. This weekend is the Frontier Festival named in honor of my deceased Grandfather, BJ Anderson, for all he did in Music in Utah community. You can see his photo on the flyer.

There is more detailed information here if you are interested in attending! Please let me know if you do....

It's HOT

It's HOT are outside for 4.5 minutes and all your makeup has melted's THAT hot.

Monday, June 09, 2008


To Whom it May Concern:

Ms. Glass is neurologically cleared to drive now that she is taking effective antiepileptic medication.

And that's all she wrote.

And I haven't driven yet....nor do I have plans too quite yet....but at least I am "cleared."

Exercise Week 2

1200 crunches in two weeks.

Well, I do straight crunches for ten, then left side for 10, right side for 10, bicycle legs (lower abs) for 10, then leg lifts perpendicular to my body, into the air for 10 and then repeat, all to La Tortura.

I did it again 6 times this past week.

I really desired to exercise everyday this week, but it was still difficult to rise from my bed in the morning. And strangely, I think I have gained a little weight this week.

I was also ravenously hungry almost every day, so maybe my body will balance out better next week and my eating will match the needs of my body on the new exercise regime.

In other news, my brain has been bombarded by "old me" thoughts. It was like a herd of elephants were restlessy trapped behind a very large heavy gate (Lord of the Rings, Mordor-style), and were just released....running free like escaped, caged animals....the elephants represent the creative thought that was locked up inside since HB08....and now they are loose and having their way with me again....I'm ok with it! Creative thought has returned! I'm dreaming again!

The first crazy thing I have done is signed up for two open first of the year! I am preparing to attend Mary Poppins (again) and Avenue Q next I began my practicing with a medley of South Pacific Songs for my family during dinner tonight. (Growing up the rule was NO SINGING AT THE TABLE, and I break it all the time now that I am in charge). I also sang most of the Disney Princess songs in my repertoire while my little ones dramatically interpreted them through dance..."Just around the RIVER.......BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENED!"

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pampers Casting

We could go one of three days, I, of course, chose Saturday.

I thought it was a Pull-ups casting, so I was ok with taking Lil Sis, because she still wears a Pull-up to bed, and doesn't seem to mind the idea of wearing a pull-up. But, it was Pampers, which are diapers.

When we got there they asked what size she wore, and I said..."I think the last size I bought was a 4." They suggested a 6, we compromised on a 5. I tried to nonchalantly suggest we put a diaper on her and she said "NO" in thae way that indicated she was about to escalate, so I said: "That's don't have to put a diaper on...."

One last ditch effort: "Do you want to pretend you're a baby and put on this diaper, or go home?" Her choice was clear. We returned the diaper and the child nurse on set congratulated me for being a good mom.

As we held hands and vigorously skipped down the hallway toward the elevator, Lil said: "Mom, I'm not a baby anymore, I'm a KID!" That you are my love, that you are.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Quote of the Week

After her dress rehearsal for he upcoming ballet recital in which she danced the dance 3 times in a row, Big Sis said in the car on the way home:

"Mom, I'm so wornD out."

Friday, June 06, 2008

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Third Person Thursday

She watched her friend spot a butterfly and show her tiny toddler.

It was the first butterfly of the summer, and so she pointed it out to her own animal-loving toddler. She thought a butterfly counted as an animal, especially to a 3-year-old. She said: "Look at the butterfly sweety." Her daughter immediately became enraptured with the orange wings of the butterfly and followed it as it flitted about and landed on the gravel.

Her little one and her friend's little one stood towering over the tiny tiny bug, in awe of it's beautiful and delicate wings. And then she watched her daughter lift her leg, and step on it.

Large breath in and an EEK feeling among all of the moms. She hollered at her daughter not to squish the butterfly, to which her little one lifted her foot once again, and out flitted that hardy insect.

Thankfully, the butterfly survived, but her daughter proved herself once again, Predicatably Unpredictable.

She was considering getting her kids this Butterfly-growing kit (hey, bringing a little nature to these urban creature's lives), but maybe her kids aren't quite ready.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

He did it.

Finally, this part is over. In 2008, the first African American Nominee. I have been so inspired.

I can't believe it's only seems like this has been going on for YEARS!

I caught some of McCain's speech tonight. He has clearly gotten a few delivery coachings since last I watched him speak. He is doing much better in his presentation, but he had such an unexpected delivery and smile with his line: "That's not change we can believe in."...sometimes I felt like he was parodying himself, but I am sure his acting coach will help him with that tomorrow and he will continue to improve with his speech-giving. At the outset of all this my two faves were McCain and Obama, so I am so looking forward to the race ahead.

Today during kindergarten, while the teacher was explaining that it's ok when friends disagree, my daughter raised her hand and said: "My parents disagree a LOT!" The next 5 months will be interesting in our house. I saw a sticker on the subway the other day: Republicans for Obama. I tried to convince DH that this website will be his new home page, but I am not sure if he will go for that.


The season of dirty feet has begun.

The past two days I have spent nearly the entire day out and about (so glad I don't have a puppy). Lil Sis has been a pretty great little trouper as I schlepp her here and there. The past few days have been go-sees for Swanson, Reebok and Lumi Smile. I have also made some park stops and even saw our first summer concert of the season this morning~ Danna Banana at Madison Square Park.

Since my DH is away, my workout was a walk from 27th and 5th to 63rd and Broadway today. It took me longer than I expected, about 1 hour. I WAS pushing a large, sleeping toddler in a stroller with my flip-flops and denim pencil skirt in the hot hot heat, so I guess an extra 15 minutes is warranted.

Now I am watching CNN (The best political team on television....those poor people who have to say that EVERY time)...and waiting anxiously to see where those delegates will land. I have been out of the political loop for a while, but it's starting to creep into my thoughts again lately.

I am looking forward to a few mail-order purchases arriving in the next few days, including these jellies in clear and brown! I SO hope they fit and are comfortable.

In other news, there has been evidence of Nuvaring being aired past it's thanks to all of you out there keeping tabs on the work so that my agents can fight for the bucks!

I have reached my 3-month mark since the HB08. I put a call in to my neurologist to see if I can get permission to drive via phone appointment, so stay tuned for driving news. Don't hold your breath though, I am fully expecting a big fat NO.

Tonight I think I will settle in to what might be my new favorite show, Verminators, while I catch up on some scrapbooking, after I do my 100 crunches, after I take my ibuprofen to get rid of my new HB08 headache that flairs up with the moisture in the air, after I post this and get the kids out of the tub and get them into their little bunks.

Monday, June 02, 2008

new stuff

What a long day I had today.

Lil Sis and I left the house at 9:30 for the last violin lesson of the school year (no, do not hazzah just yet...summer session starts soon enough)....and it was go go go from then on out.....

Half day at school = Picnic in Sheeps Meadow with classmates...then off to a casting at 2 where I had to where "at home Holiday wear"...I wore a t shirt and capri pants and threw on a holiday-print way was I wearing or changing into winter wear on this hot hot day. It was so great to see a few of my audition friends...Shellee and's been several months since we have crossed paths.

After that we finally got me some chow, went to Union Square playground then a bathroom break at Barnes and Noble and visited every single animal at Petco. We finished our day with McDonalds. This being the reward for behaving at the casting....Big Sis' idea, not mine...I went with it.

Tonight I have been catching up on a little scrapbooking while watching Dirty Jobs. DH is in O Canada ....AGAIN....

I also got some work on DVD last week and uploaded little section to my website. Scroll down to Nuvaring on the bottom left (not the commercial at the top). Be glad I spared you the graphic of the vagina and the detailed description of the various intricacies of that life-bearing organism (or organ?)....oh should have seen the kids faces as they watched the cartoon body parts and listened to their mom explain everything. I think maybe I will save this DVD for the birds and the bees talk in a few years....

Exercise Week 1

So. I exercised Monday through Saturday last week.

For me to exercise 6 days in a row is pretty unheard of. I only woke up early 3 of the 6 days because Monday my DH had the day off so I could do it at my leisure, and Friday both of my kids were in school all day so I could do it in the afternoon. Aside from the 100 abs a day (skipping Sunday....sorry girls, but I can't do it EVERY day), I did a lot of power walking outside and power walking on incline on the treadmill. I also did some minimal muscle stuff with my own body weight and using light weights for arms and the ball for squats and leg lifts.

This week was the first in some time that I felt most like myself for many days in a row. I wasn't brought down with medicine-manufactured bad feelings or dizzy moments that jarred me out of the present and into the vat of my current life struggle. I even had the return of pressing, urgent, you-must-do-this-or-die creative thought. This can be a burden because I sometimes feel panicked by the desperate need to DO DO DO...but at the same time, it was welcome because that is the true me returning.

I am hoping that I can manage the DO factor that is my true self, a bit better then I have in the past. I hope to continue on this slow/manageable pace of life that I have adopted since March. My goal is to allow myself the luxury of the not get swept up in the panoramic thoughts that are returning, and just enjoy each moment as they come.

So, who knew exercise could do all that, and strengthen my heart and help to regulate my bowels to boot! I have plans to do as much exercise this week as I did last week. I feel that it is essential for me in fighting against the side effects of the evil evil anti-seizure meds!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

A little taste of nature and trampolines

On Saturday I was booked to wrangle for one of my favorite clients: TJX.

This was my first Back to School job of the year (already?) for signage for Marshalls. Our location was in Brooklyn at Poly Prep Country Day School. As we approached the gated entrance of the campus we passed by a bus stop with a chicken sitting on the bench. I wish I had my camera, because I am quite certain that is the first and last time I will see a chicken sitting waiting for the bus. As we drove in I saw that it was sn expansive campus of green, fountains, ponds, athletic fields, playgrounds and goregous facilities.

Our main location was an RV outside the front of the building. There were a few extremely tame bunnies that hung out close by and let the child models pet them and feed them snacks. I realized that the bunnies are domesticated and must be very used to children who attend the school, but still I had to keep pinching myself that I was still in New York. As I was leaving for the day I noticed at least 5 different breeds each of geese, ducks, roosters and more bunnies all hanging out in a field near the gates of the school. As I was waiting for my husband to pick me up, a few roosters hopped through the gates and hung out on the sidewalk just like pigeons, only less jumpy. And the cock-a-doodle-dooing was again, very NON-New York sounds!

The shoot itself was a lot of fun. The kids got to jump on the trampoline for most of the shots. We got some really great tricks going on with back flips and splits and touching toes and all kinds of other gymnastics that when poorly demonstrated by me, only hurt my back. I avoided the trampoline because since having babies, it takes much concentration to not pee my pants when trampolining or jump roping (I found out earlier this month when challenged to a double-dutch contest in Cali)..but I did have to demonstrate one time, and luckily I did not wet my pants.

When the rain descended and downpoured upon us, we had our lunch break inside the very crowded RV and then moved inside to the classrooms. We had more acrobatics in front of book cases and blackboard and desks, and we all held our breath that no child would hurt themselves...we got some really fun stuff.

As I left, I asked the guard how I might visit the Poly Prep school again, only next time with my kids...and as I expected it's pretty private and unfortunately I could tell that, because it was such a beautiful place, and kept up very well. There are swimming lessons in the summer, but since I don't drive, and lessons are not offered on Saturdays, that is not an option for us. I guess for now the post remains a plug for those of you in Brooklyn who can afford such a school, it really is a treasure amid this crazy patchwork city we live in.