Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Memory Sunday

My sister has started Christmas Memory Monday at her private blog (thus no linkage), and so I am going to answer her with Christmas Memory Sunday. CMS.

Big Sis is asking about Santa a lot lately. She tells me that some kids at school are telling her he isn't real.

Big Sis: Mom, is Santa real?

Me: What do you think?

Big Sis: Yes.

Me: Me too.

When I was about her age I wanted to see if Santa was indeed real. I disciplined myself and did not tell my mom exactly what I wanted for Christmas. I saved my wish to tell only Santa. When I visited him I whispered in his ear: I want a mini tv.

I held on to this moment with Santa until Christmas Eve. I knew that in the morning, if there was a little tv there, that he was real.

I went to bed with great anticipation, and I was so excited to see if Santa was indeed real. I ran out to the living room and sitting there was a mini tv. I was stunned! He was real after all! Why did I ever doubt!?

I am not sure when this happened, but I later discussed this with my mom...later as in months, years maybe. This was when the secret was out about Santa. I think that I maintained he was real because of the tv Christmas morning moment. I remember her telling me that she had found that tv in her car. And then I realized that I hadn't kept my secret completely to myself. I think I told my Grandma. And I think that she was the one who put the tv in my mom's car.

I'm not sure if I am remembering this, am I?

But....the reason I love this memory is because my Grandma loved me enough to make sure that my belief in Santa stayed strong, and she listened to me and made some magic happen.

November Loves

I am thankful for my loves.

Lil Sis:
You have started noticing homeless people. I am touched when you often ask: What's his name?
Your first time ice skating...the ice skating coach gave you a mini lesson, and you did so good, and then wanted to be her friend the rest of the time we were there.
Eating only the cream cheese part of your bagel
Your greetings: MOMMY! DADDY! As if Santa had just delivered you a truck-load of presents. Your teacher at school says you are the same way to her: Donna! And it makes her feel so good
Your reactions to Madagascar 2. I loved sitting next to you during it.
Wiping yourself after using the bathroom and sticking the toilet paper right in your nostrils and inhaling deeply. Thankfully, you were not going #2.
Watching White Christmas with you, and every time you passed gas, denying it...
While skating: I'm the ONLY one who can't do it.

Big Sis:
Your fascination by the Zamboni machine, wanting to skate on the new fresh ice.
Wiping off all the cream cheese on your bagel
Your new bee in your bonnet: American Girl...wasn't sure if it was going to happen to you...
Your little tears in your lesson, the first time you have broken down in a lesson. I cried too.
Being so stressed about your scales test, and being so happy when you passed.
Drafting the Thanksgiving Day schedule, which includes a feast. You are starting to remember holidays from last year, and my I set up a lot of expectations for you!
Overheard while she was in the tub: "Guess where I'm going for my mission? Massachoochetts"
Your on-going enthusiasm for all things holiday.
Rehearsing Christmas morning 4 times the day we put the tree up.

Approving the new budget (read: house-cleaning! budget and therapy budget)
Loving me even though I am certifiable
Supporting the Christmas Purchases
Your patience, listening ear, encouragement.
Participating in the pre-school interview. Good job.
Helping with the dishes even after returning from a long trip to LA and back.
Not complaining about your back pain.
Sticking to your diet and exercise.
Making Thanksgiving happen.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Love Scarf Progress...

Here is what I have IN HAND. I received my first shipment yesterday, this red, white and blue, super-soft, skinny scarf from Sherrie. LOVE IT. My two orange ones just need to be finished (yarn tucked in), and my pink one has probably one more episode of FRINGE until it's complete (I knit while I watch tv!)

Can't wait to start receiving more and more in the next two weeks. Hey! It's not too late for you to pick up your needles!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Trains at Citigroup

Today we went to the very casual ribbon-cutting ceremony of the train station at Citigroup. I was totally drawn into going on this particular day because Wonder Woman was making an appearance. All, for FREE! Thank goodness it was Black Friday...everyone else was bustling around getting all the deals, but we just relaxed while we looked at the amazing miniatures, and 40ish trains.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Photo Summary of Macy's Parade 2008

Confetti anyone? Check out the LARGE amount this clown dumped on us. And we got dumped on A LOT. Yes, I was asking for it...literally: "Confetti! Confetti please!"

Lil Sis was kind of a grump until I finally sat down on the sidewalk next to her. Then we had a bunch of fun.

Check out this hat:

We thought Big Sis looked way grown up just chilling with her cocoa and her legs crossed.

The newest balloon, how much do I love Horton! So cute.

One clown asked us if we liked Brownies....OF COURSE....he offered us one:

Brown E...

And here we are....enjoying the perfect weather, friends, family, Thanksgiving spirit!

A few firsts for me this year:
I got a shower in BEFORE The parade
My turkey was moist! MOIST I say!
The gravy: made from scratch...I did NOT screw it up this year. A wonder of wonder...A miracle of miracles.
Rolls: none burned.

Seriously, I am a decent cook, I have just had some missteps. Next year's goal....all that, PLUS get my makeup on...


We are heading out early this morning for our 7th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

But first a look back:

Here we are at our FIRST parade. Perhaps some Hawaiians came? Not sure where that lei came from...

Look at Big Sis! She loved everything but the clowns! I still have that hat and scarf. And DH does NOT have that coat...and probably NOT that hat....he is also missing several of those pounds.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gradually Going Green

My husband seems to be visiting the dry cleaner a lot lately. His new post at church and his increase in client meetings at work, require much more dry-clean only shirt wearing.

I recently discovered a new company that is making efforts to make dry-cleaning more green.

Check out the Green Garmento. I think I am going to provide them with my dry cleaners address in order to get my free bag!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sights of the City

The holiday season in NYC is in full swing. Here is Lil Sis, her second time on the ice.

This is her first time. We had to make sure she was down with skating before we purchased her skates on EBAY!

I hardly ever find myself in the Rockefeller Center neighborhood, but here is a pic of the tree going up. I have never seen it in this stage before.

Can you tell I am too lazy to upload my pictures in the right order? Here is a photo of us on the ice...Lil Sis did much better her second time, but I did not get much of a workout, she is a snail on the ice. In this photo she is trying to do the splits. She seems to want to skip the step where you learn to ice skate, and go straight to the dancing and acrobatics.

The Bryant Park tree is beautiful this year, this camera-phone pic does it no justice. The Christmas Market is already being assembled around the rink:

Here I spied a Victorian Baby Wrangler in the windows of Lord & Taylor on 5th Avenue. Smile for the camera baby:

Another Knitter

Meet Janet:

Seen here, modeling her Lovescarves:

Thanks for your contribution!

If you would like to contribute a hand-knit scarf or hat to the Love Scarf Project, please email me for the address to send them. They are due in by December 10th. THANKS.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Love Scarf Knitters

I have some very supportive aunts who live west of the Mississippi and have drummed up some knitters for the Love Scarf Project.

Meet Peggy:

She is pictured here with her love scarf contribution, on my aunt's sofa. It's making my 2.5 yet to be completely finished orange scarves look pretty shabby. I have got to get my fingers moving....only a few weeks left!

Let me know if you plan on contributing by email or in the comments! Let's beat last year's accrual of 25 scarves.....will you join us?

Come back tomorrow to see another Love Scarf Knitter.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Battle Cry

Maybe it's because DH and I have been watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy for the past month (1 disc left!), or maybe it's because the world at large seems to be in a bit of trouble these days, but I felt inspired to sing a Battle Song today for our special meeting with one of our church's 12 apostles.

DH was so lucky to attend a training meeting with two of them yesterday for most of the day. He went through all his notes with me last night, and it was really cool to hear about what he experienced. Today L. Tom Perry addressed our Queens members where he was once a branch president in a tiny congregation, similar to what my husband is doing now. I had the opportunity to sing FOR ALL THE SAINTS before he spoke to us.

I didn't feel like it was my best performance ever...I was not memorized because I have been stretched so thin lately with my other singing commitments and my personal struggles and all, and it was a little early for me. As I am getting older, my voice requires much more warm-up time. The girls slept in until 7 today for the first time since I was even farther behind then normal. I put my heart into it though, as best I could.

When the meeting was over, of course I slipped Elder Perry my CD, and I do hope he will listen to it and enjoy it, or at least give it away to someone who will. I imagine he gets a lot of stuff from a lot of people. It was so nice to hear his voice and to see his stature. He is actually taller than my very tall DH, even at the age of 86, he is still about 6' 5" tall. He bore a strong witness of Jesus Christ...just the message we needed to hear to catapult us into the season of celebrating His birth. I am grateful that I had a small part in the meeting today.

"Thou, in the darkness drear, our one true light. Alleluia!"
~For all the Saints, lyrics by William Walsham How

Friday, November 21, 2008

7:00 AM ~ M-F

This is what I get to stare at:

And I now know that, if she chooses to pursue an education in violin in 11ish years, there is no discussion about what her attire will be for her auditions. Snowman footsie pajamas it is!

Seriously though, Big Sis and I have been working so hard, every day of the week (it's just NOT at 7 AM on S & S), for over a year now, and she got her report card this week, and I was SO proud of her progress!

When I learned what a melodic minor scale was when I was a Senior in high school, I never would have predicted that one day I would have a 6-year-old daughter who could not only sing, but PLAY one on her VIOLIN.

Violin? Whicky-whicky wha?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Third Person Thursday

She has a zit in her ear. How lame is that.

Tonight she finally got to perform her Alice in Wonderland reading: Dream-child. After much fret and practice, she felt that it went pretty well. The music is tres maginfique, but oh-so-challenging. She fell in love with one particular song that spoke to some of what she is hashing out just now. It was the hardest song of the bunch, so it was difficult to act/emote/be the song because she had to count to 7 over and over and over and over again. OH yeah, he threw in one bar of 2/4 for her. Thanks.

She liked the outfit she put together. Different than what she had originally pictured, but this sweater dress went on a crazy sale, so she picked it up at her fave place of course. It came together well with the vintage underpinnings. She noticed in this photo her bed looks so nice, and that is because of the new member of Team Glass Posse: Maria!

Sing it with her everybody: Maria! Maria! Maria! (you are not supposed to recognize the song, it's just made up right here, right now, in our hearts.) Maria has done wonders for the Posse Pad. Everyone breathes in deeply on Thursday afternoons. Ah. Clean.

Tomorrow she will spend a fair amount of time trying to memorize 5 verses of For All the Saints, in preparation for Sunday's performance, and then she will look to the one Christmas gig she has in December. She and Big Sis need to get going on that. After practicing the hymn, she may ice skate in the afternoon with the Posse and then attend the all-important movie Premiere: Twilight. She waited until the LAST second, finishing the book yesterday. And she finally gets why the obsession and whatever...though she thinks she needs to keep reading in order to understand Edward vs. Jacob jargon that she has seen floating around various blogs. That is a relief too. Your welcome sistahs, mom, friends. She trusted ya'll, and read it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

List: Etsy

Apparently, I have been doing a lot of Christmas Shopping on Etsy:

Check out the shops I have frequented of late:

bayan Hippo




It's handmade by Melanie

Wendy Conrad Art

Button Boutique

Daynas Place

terris touch

dlk designs

qa creates

Jewels of Luxury

Boutique Pink

Marigold's Garden

Creations by Judy

This shop has some wacky stuff, in which I found this awesome business-card holder for Big Sis. Though I can't find it just now...need to go digging through my secret stash places.

A few I have not purchased from...YET:


Lux Deluxe

tadpole creations

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


DH has gotten below 200 for the first time since I have known him. I am starting to panic as we are now much less than 100 pounds apart. When I was spouse-hunting a decade ago, I was hopeful that my backside would never be bigger than my DH's....but his has disappeared whilst mine grows! At least I am staying somewhat diligent on the crunches...up to 6900 today...but now I fear my reign as queen-of-abs is also under new threat.

Good job honey...your discipline is inspiring, and I like the new workout groove we both have, it helps us both be our best selves.


I am still recovering from Thursday's photoshoot. My ankles are still seriously wonky, and I have a pair of bruises on my inner-knees. Apparently there was some jostling there that I was unaware of.

Traveling up from the knees, my back is still significantly out of place, reminding me of the Baby Bjorn days of yore.

On top of that, I began therapy yesterday. My first time. After hearing myself lay out my entire (ENTIRE!) deck of cards to Counselor K, I was pretty surprised I went THIS LONG without it. Maybe all the physical illnesses I have encountered over the years were manifestations of pent-up emotional issues; Was the head bump trying to tell me something!?

The good news is: I'm not crazy.

The rest of the news: My presence is requested as soon as NEXT WEEK, and every week after that for a while. I have also been assigned some homework reading. And there are a lot of pages.

Right now I am finding it a bit difficult to breathe. I think that things must get worse before they get better. A gal in my lesson on Sunday used the analogy of cleaning out your closet...before it gets clean and organized you have to pull everything out making an even bigger mess than what you started with, only to have a positive end result.

In addition, I have yet to feel completely comfortable with the material I am presenting in the Alice reading on Thursday. I am trying to finish this book called Twilight, (ever heard of it?) in time for the movie premiere on Friday (doing it for my girls...halfway through I am finally engaged...who cares about the rain in Washington already!!!), and I have chosen this week to reinstate Mom Cooks!, which is a whole fridge full of ingredients and a pile of recipes and a schedule and a crockpot and yadda yadda yadda...leaving me with no energy to do what I really want to do: Make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, eat them all, and assemble my AWESOME Christmas Cards, which arrived today.

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, November 17, 2008

It's beginning look a lot like Christmas. My milk, apparently would have been good up until the big day, but it has already been enjoyed.

I am enjoying our new teeny tiny turquoise Christmas tree:

And in case you were wondering, YES, my Christmas CD is still for sale! Please visit my website to make your holiday purchase!

Praise for Picture a Christmas:

“It is exquisite.”
~Bonnie Klee Roberts

"[Your album] has made our sparse fractured holidays the most healing of celebrations."
~Louan Christenson

“Tears were streaming down my face! …[the album is] a great addition to the Christmas Season.”
~Sandy Clark

“Your selection of songs is wonderful. It is always
nice to come across one I have not heard before.”
~Edith Morrill

“You sound like an angel…[the] variety of styles with the various pieces expresses a wide range of emotions… the joy in your voice when you are singing with the children makes me feel like I can actually see you smiling while singing… you brought tears to my eyes with Mary Did You Know - your angelic voice with the words and music of that piece really touched my soul. Your voice range is incredible. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself.” ~Helen Knowles

"You sound pure and beautiful and I love how your voice takes on kind of a new mood with each song."
~Lindsay Kennedy

"The kid has a set of pipes. She has an angelic voice."
~Jean Keenan

"'s just amazing. Kristy Glass is the vocalist, and man, she is good! If this CD and her gorgeous voice don't put you in the Christmas spirit, I don't know what will"
~Staci Koudelka

"I wept with emotion at each track. Your voice is pure and clear, the notes are vibrant with purposeful love and devotion, your delivery is forceful in delivering the message of love at Christmas time. The music continues to resound in my heart and mind, long after the recording has ended. Your instrumentalist and other artists are superb. Congratulations on a masterful work!"
~Doug Anderson

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Singing Again...

November has been a nice change from the stressful and sick October. I have been rehearsing some new works for two readings that are happening this week.

Tonight I am singing a few pieces back at NYU, lyrics by an alum of their graduate musical theatre writing program. My favorite piece is sung by the character of Jan from The Office. I am a big Office fan, and having seen the episode that inspired the piece, makes it even more fun.

It's nice to be singing again. I miss it.

On Thursday I am performing a song cycle of pieces inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll. I am singing the part of Alice, and Matt Castle is singing the part of Lewis, and accompanying us on the piano. Matt came over this past week and was so sweet to Lil Sis. When he left, she exclaimed: "He's HANDSOME!" She crushed hard on him. The next day, as we were walking to the train she asked: "Where is Matt Castle?"

Douglas Ullman Jr., wrote the cycle, and you can hear Daisy Chains, which I will sing on Thursday, here. I happened upon the most perfect blue, ruffly skirt at Anthropologie a few weeks ago, for the best deal I have EVER gotten there: $9.95!

The week will end on Sunday (23) when I get to sing a special musical number at a special church meeting we are having, featuring one of the apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, L. Tom Perry will address us, and it is an honor to be able to have the opportunity to invite the Spirit through song. I am still undecided of yet as to which hymn I shall sing. I have an idea, but if you have a better one, let me know.

For All the Saints seems rousing just now. The lyrics are inspiring, and the tune is by Ralph Vaughn Williams, can't beat that. I feel an encouraging, hopeful message is in order, especially since our local Temple was protested just a few days ago.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sisters Wall

I was going through some pictures to help Big Sis with a turkey feather project and I came across this snapshot of my sis and me. I had a frame I picked up from Target just waiting to be filled, and finally the photo of choice emerged.

Doesn't it look cute?

This photo is crooked, I don't think the wall is crooked....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Third Person Thursday: Wet Panties Girl II

It's been about 4 hours since she mounted the trampoline. Her ankles are already a 5 on the pain scale. She fears this number will climb through the night.

She wore Manolo Blahnik's for the first time today. Thankfully the 5-inchers she paraded for the client were voted out. She certainly would have broken her ankle if she had jumped in those puppies. The flat, patent-leather Blahnik's were much preferred.

It took her several jumps to get used to the trampoline photoshoot set-up. Feet in the one-size-too-small flats, pencil skirt just-so, large bag juxtaposed on the shoulder, 2 clinking bangles on wrist, blouse buttoned, hot wool jacket in place, glasses pushed high on the bridge of her nose, and now...she had to concentrate on not peeing her pants, oh...and, NOT falling off the trampoline because of her slight perception issues.

She did pretty good juggling all the elements, but when she got into her super-mom, jumpy, superhero, bag just-right, heels bleeding, freeze-frame the pose mid-air as LONG as she can zone, she then let her bladder go. It was just a little bit. Even though she had emptied her bladder a few times before the jumping began, she had to empty it midway through.

She ran down the hall and peed out the 1 teaspoon of pee she had hiding. She then returned to the set and tried to do the double with her 10-year-old "son." Well, they tried really hard, but trampolining in pairs for a photo, is a very difficult task. It turned back into singles.

After a short break, band-aids to the Blahnik wounds and a slight costume adjustment, she shot about 3 more glasses frames. She was ready to return to the bathroom to change into a fresh pair of panties, but thankfully she was wrapped. And, despite her best hopes and wishes, she was once again crowned Wet-Panties Girl.

1 Down...

I have completed my orange Ugly Betty Scarf, and I am now on to my orange Lord of the Rings Trilogy Scarf.

The scarves are named after the shows I view whilst knitting.

How are your scarves coming?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


A few tidbits:

~My cousin photoshopped my Christmas Card and it looks awesome. So, in thanks, go to his blog and click on some ads! And I found the addresses on an old hard drive, so I think my Christmas Cards are back on schedule.

~The good news is that I booked the Marchon Eyewear job. My first print job in MONTHS and, I have to say, I think I booked it because of the new look. photo by Helen.

The bad news is that I have to jump on a trampoline. Better start doing my kegels now...and bring some extra panties to the set in case of accidents.

~We have the last step in the preschool interview process tonight. I can't believe it's almost over. Poor DH is really sick, so I hope he is ok. I will just answer all the questions for him.

~My official therapy starts on Monday. I am looking forward to finally doing something I have wanted to do for years.

Epilepsy Fact

From Living Well with Epilepsy by Carl W. Bazil

"Only during the twentieth century did the medical community recognize epilepsy as a neurologic, rather than a psychiatric, disease. Society lagged behind in this recognition, continuing to view persons with epilepsy as violent or inferior. Until 1965, immigration into the United States was restricted for people with epilepsy. Many states restricted marriage under the mistaken belief that the condition would be inherited, and some even enacted involuntary sterilization laws. The last law forbidding marriage of people with epilepsy was not repealed until 1980, and the last eugenic sterilization law was in effect until 1985."


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cry it out...

Sometimes that's all you can do. And this time, it was me doing the crying, and not some hormone or chemical or convergence of the two.

And honestly, I don't know if Kristy has had a good cry about what happened to her on March 5th until last night.

I woke up this morning with swollen eyes...the familiar look of my youth when I had fallen asleep after crying it out.

I think that when all of this began I wasn't quite in my right mind because of the nature of my injury, I mean remember...I got a dog. The only choice I had was to fight and try to recover.

And now that I have healed and I have had a good percentage of the pieces of my life fall right back into place, there are a few still orbiting that do not have a place to go anymore, and I need to send them on their way to find a place somewhere else.

Dr. Shrink was a good listener and my story sounded familiar to him. He made some suggestions that I will discuss with my neurologist. I have a few ideas of my own, and so the journey continues...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Things are looking up...

I got put on hold for a job! I have only had 2 print jobs this year, but Marchon eyewear put me on hold for this week.

The casting took 1 hour, and I almost left because of the large amount of model-model-models that showed up, but maybe it will turn out....I have had the year for eyes (Visine), a welcome change going from the va-jay-jay to the eyes!

I have also been having a wonderful time rehearsing about 10 songs for 2 upcoming readings. It's nice to be singing again. One set is based on Alice and Wonderland, and I am playing Alice, which makes me feel so happy. I am a big fan of Disney's version of the film, and read a good portion of the novel outloud to the chillin's. It's a bit too wordy for them though, so we put it on hold for future finishing.

This week is busy in the evenings, doc appt. tonight, the final preschool interview situation, a probable rehearsal in the evening if my previously scheduled daytime rehearsal is cancelled do to the possible booking, and DH and I must carry on with the Lord of the Rings Triology which we started this weekend.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Addicted to Etsy

Aside from my bad experience with the alchemy portion of their website, I have been so pleased with the service that the various shop-owners provide.

I have done a large amount of Christmas shopping over there already, and I would share it all here, but then, no surprise for the peops! A preview from our Christmas photoshoot today, gowns, courtesy of Melanie on Etsy:

Clearly, this is not a contender for the final picture, just a behind-the scenes peak at the chaos that occurs whilst getting 2 good frames out of 200 all in the name of a Christmas card. Which, will have far less circulation this year then last since all of my carefully collected addresses died with the computer last month.

I guess I could just have a stack waiting, and send them out as I receive them in the mail...that might be less pressure, just a few a day all season long, instead of all of them out the week after Thanksgiving...something to think about.

Anyway, digression....GO check out Etsy. I love to search by a person's interest: favorite color, animal, instrument, hobby, etc. I have found some AWESOME stuff!!!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Friday, November 07, 2008

NYC Marathon Part II

I do not know how these runners do it for 26.2 miles. I would want to run as Mrs. Incredible, if the stiletto boots would allow it.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


This past weekend she went a little cookoo.

The details are embarrassing to write down. When her episode was over, one word kept moving in slow-motion in her brain:


Slow and orblike. over and over.

She still hasn't fully recovered. She has been distracted by a few things here and there: election, no milk left in the fridge, Big Apple Circus, the beginning of the Holiday Avalanche, and castings, but she goes right back to that place.

She is taking a new step on her journey to recovery, although she can't imagine she will wake up one day and's finished over done.

No, instead she anticipates a daily battle to hold on to the core of who she is and to just be steady.

A new doctor is joining her team on Monday. Dr. Shrink.

Steady, steady now.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's Time

We waited in line for 2 hours to vote for Barack Obama (yes, all of us, DS even voted in her 1st grade class).

The girls were excited about the vote, so we carried our Obama sign that we had saved since the rally in February. Not knowing the rules about carrying posters or electioneering (no signs etc. within 100 feet of the polling place), I was approached by a poll-worker about the disposal of my sign. Whoops. I was sad to see our little art project get thrown away...I couldn't even recycle it, because I was not home.

The girls did such a great job waiting patiently. By the time we made it from outside to in, we went into the booth, clicked our votes and popped out. Lil Sis exclaimed: "That was SHORT!" to the uproar of all the adults STILL waiting to vote in one of four booths.

Our adventure:

Watching the states turn blue last night was right up there with the Bulls 3-peating and Christmas morning. Sigh.

Monday, November 03, 2008

NYC Marathon Part I

I love my neighborhood because the marathon runs right through it. We went to cheer them on after church on Sunday, and I admit, I got is a little dose of inspiration:

My new lens served me SO well in capturing the runners:

I had to throw this in. I would have take a shot of the other candidate too, but I only spied two political messages, and both for my guy:

And the most inspiring: