Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

2009, I am not quite ready for you...please, come gently, don't bowl me over. 2008 was a bully....I need a break...thanks.

December Loves

Discovering a new part of Central Park with you on your day off after Thanksgiving.
Going to the tailor with you.
Workout schedule: you staying skinny, me, staying sane!
Listening to me process after therapy
Inspecting the clean house on Thursdays.
Being excited about my Bloomingdales purchases.
Supporting me through all the stuff...
Helping me with my new software program
Being so "boy" about watching the Firefighters tear apart a building.
Heading out to Rockefeller Center and the tourists, two days after Christmas.
Your face when you realized I had to jump in the pool to save our daughter.
Making up stories with Lil Sis about someone named Julio and a shark that ate a princess.

Lil Sis:
Watching you dance it out at the Father Goose concert at Winter's Eve.
Being dissappointed that we hadn't had a family dinner, after 4 days straight of family dinners!
Asking for SLEG music.
Singing with you for the first time.
Trying to fall asleep, nose to nose....and you kissing me on the nose when I said I needed to go...
All you want Santa to bring you is a swimsuit, you silly girl.
Skype Caroling with did a good job with Silent Night, your fa-la-las and we wish you a merry christmas.
Mom, I can only know Dasher and Francer.
The glitter after the bath bomb....just like Edward in Twilight.
Turning the lights on and off in the hotel, all day long.
Infatuation with phones and phonebooks whenever we stay in a hotel.
Asking me why I got in the pool with my clothes on.

Big Sis:
Chatting with you on the way to school.
Telling me about John Lennon, his murder and the guy that was named David, something something who shot him, and the bad word that is in that song Imagine....heaven and hall....

It's hell honey...we'll talk about it later.

Wearing the black sparkly converse for your let me make the fashion decisions for once!
Writing a letter to Santa, and asking him to bring a present for your sister.
Asking why Homeless people have clothes.
Caroling with you at the nursing home. You did a good job singing in the little trio of girls.
After playing Silent Night on her new violin at church: Mom, so many people told me I was so awesome.
Thanking me SO MUCH for Tinkerbell DVD and the Junie B Jones Top Secret Personal Beeswax Book I got you for Christmas.
Believing in Santa Claus.
Describing Christmas as "unusual"
Asking to be my cuddlebug, to help you fall asleep at the hotel.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

TPT: Tuesday Edition

All her daughter wanted for Christmas was a swimsuit.

When her husband suggested they take a little trip to the Berkshires between Christmas and New Years, she insisted he book them in a hotel with an indoor pool. After much searching, he found the right hotel with the right amenities in the right place at the right rate.

Off they went.

At their first pit stop, she took her two daughters into a gas station store to use the restroom. Once they located it in the back, she opened the door to find someone already using it. Whoops. Then she glanced at Big Sis who was holding her nose and had "that look" on her face. She yelled: "Run, run, out the door...." but they didn't make it. Luckily a nice maintenance man was quick with his mop.

After her husband combed the puke out of her hair and changed her two tops (sweater, shirt) and cleaned her shoes, they were on the road again, without even using the facility.

Then came the speeding ticket...but really that ended up being non-eventful.

That night it was time to swim and she realized that she had not packed the swimsuit that Santa brought for Lil Sis. The primary reason for this being that she let Big Sis pack for both girls, and she didn't even double check that packing job...perhaps the fumes from the fire were making her slow-brained. Luckily their waitress directed them to the Outlets up the road where she found a swimsuit for Lil Sis. Phewsh, that is the third or maybe fourth time she has bought swimsuits on a trip because she has forgotten to pack them. Stupid.

The pool was not kid-friendly. It started at around 4.5 feet and went up to 8.5 feet. Thankfully, the hotel provided noodles. Even she used one, because the treading water was getting old. After a few hours of fun in the swim, they headed to bed.

The alarm clock went off at midnight. Stupid.

The next day they returned to the outlet mall to return the panties/undershirt combination that she bought at one store to be her daughters "swimsuit" because store after store had none in stock (until the last store she tried)...and then they all-three scored the mother-load at the J. Crew outlet. The afternoon was getting colder, windier and snowier, so she suggested an afternoon swim, followed by a cozy dinner and bed.

She made the announcement: "I am not swimming." The family was mildly disappointed. She explained that she doesn't particularly enjoy swimming, and the clean-up, blow-drying hair, being cold, wearing a swimsuit etc., was just not on her agenda that afternoon. She went down to the pool with her kindle and a people magazine. She even wore her scarf and winter hat, boots, and the obvious sweater and corduroys...the high was only 31 that day.

She sat, took a little video and photos of the rest of the posse, just to document: Swimming in the Berkshires, and then settled into her novel. After just a few pages (clicks) of reading, her husband called her: "Hey, I am going to swim down to the deep end and back. The girls will be fine, I just want you to watch them...did you hear me?" She guessed she looked unresponsive, but she DID hear him.

She knew they would be fine, they had become quite proficient at the noodles. She almost went back to reading, but instead, kept a sharp eye on Lil Sis. And like that, Lil Sis was sinking, sinking, head not coming up, noodle floating away, and her just UNDER....and UNDER some more.

She leapt from her chair and called her husband and the other Dad to get her, but they were too far away, and she was not coming up.

In she jumped.

She grabbed Lil Sis, who was coughing a little, then climbed the stairs in the wall and got out, as if getting out of the pool as quick as she could would lessen the soak-factor of jumping into a 4.5 foot pool fully-clothed, up to the hat.

Lil Sis was fine. Her husband's face was priceless.

Another mom brought her a 1.5 foot towel....nice gesture, but come on....

Lil Sis was already back in the pool with her noodle and her Dad. She looked at her and said: "Mom, if you want to swim, you can't get in the pool with your clothes on!"

She gathered her belongings and sludged to the elevator and straight into the tub, she could feel her boots were rather FULL. She took a long, hot shower and then gathered her last top that she had packed. Yeah, she hadn't packed very well more puke or drowning emergencies for the next 24 hours, or she would have to wear her pajamas home.

Monday, December 29, 2008


I have to admit it...I got some great after-Christmas shopping deals. Usually, I do not do a lot of after-Christmas shopping, but this year's sales are cRazy.

I have never bought Hanna Andersson clothes because they seem a little pricey, but I happened upon their storefront sale and I got cutie pjs and slippers for NEXT YEAR's Christmas.

Then I stopped by Janie and Jack and picked up these beautiful Silk Dresses and boots for the girls. The dresses for NEXT year and the boots for now. The girls were actually excited about matching, so go with it, right?

I got some good sale items at Anthro of course, including my favorite find, a tablecloth marked down to 9.95 from 78-...and this sweater, which was NOT on sale, but a MUST's called Sight Reading....

Yes, that is music!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weekend Wintuk

Thanks to Design Mom, our family got to attend Wintuk this weekend! It was a magical quest for SNOW.

We entered in the wrong place and had to walk the length of the vast theatre. The girls seemed a little on edge until we headed closer, closer, closer to the stage, and sat in the 2nd row! The girls loved that we were in the 2nd row:

The snow in the audience was SO MUCH SNOW. It was a great ending to the adventure:

Thanks Design Mom!

Daddy Daughter Time

While Big Sis and mom pound out the new, rather large pile, of violin assignments, Lil Sis and dad, bond:

Not sure how much she is paying attention here:

They both hunkered down to a stack of books yesterday afternoon, while listening to a SLOW version of O. Rieding's 1st movement of Concerto in B minor, but soon lost interest:

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008

Fire Photo

The smoke is billowing right into our heater unit. My hair smelled like I had been sitting near a campfire for hours...

Third Person Thursday

6:55 PM

She smelled something. "Honey do you smell that?"

"I can't smell anything"

"Come over here, smell's coming from the heater, something is burning."

She looked out the window, and she didn't see anything, but her nose was telling her: Emergency.

She started walking down the stairs and smelling at each floor, trying to find the source of the fire. She was hoping she would find an apartment that had burnt their rice, a turkey, had been burning incense that mimicked campfire smell. She let the Super know and kept searching.

Finally she heard her husband on the bottom floor, and they headed outside.

On the street were about 10 firetrucks, 40 firefighters, and smoke billowing out of the apartment next door to their building. The wall in her bedroom shared a wall with the building that was burning, at the same level. As the firefighters bashed out the windows of the building with their picks and ladders, the smoke billowed directly into their heater unit.

After watching the destruction and the firefighting for about an hour, she was getting cold. She went back upstairs and found the smoke smell had increased dramatically and her out-of-town neighbors' smoke alarm was going off. As she was finding her coat, a crew of firefighters made their way into her bedroom with their gear and their picks and uniforms and measuring gizmos. They walked straight to her shared bedroom wall. Her adrenaline started pumping and she willed the firefighters to keep those picks in hand...please DO NOT bash a hole in my wall so that you can fight the fire...and please get that big black boxy thingy off the white bedspread....and the boots....!

They told her that the Carbon Monoxide levels were high and to get out.

So they did. She packed up everything she could think to pack as fast as she could. She was getting light-headed from the fumes and her eyes were burning from the ashes and smoke. She managed to collect everything and warn her friend with a phone call: We're coming.

They were welcomed with open arms and enjoyed a smoke-free evening, sleeping in a cozy bed. The spirit of Christmas from one family to another.

Their prayers were with those whose homes were absolutely destroyed from fire and fire fighters last night. While watching the fire, her daughter kept saying: "I hope the doggies are okay." Thankfully, they didn't notice any human or animal life that had been hurt, just stuff. And their home was protected as well... a Christmas Miracle.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Posse Christmas Eve

What do you do while you wait for your kids to be at a proper level of slumber? Blog of course.

Today our chillies woke us up as IF it was Christmas morning...we knew we had a long day ahead of we headed out, even though it was raining. Above the girls mug in front of a Bergdorf Goodman window...not sure where the faces came from...

We braved the crowds at both FAO Schwraz and Disney Store...and were pleasantly surprised to meet some of our favorite characters:

After a lunch with Dad (I had pop burger onion rings...that was all I needed to make my Eve), we headed home. At 4 PM we realized 3 hours was going to make us ALL stir crazy, so we headed to Uno's. The girls love the mac n cheese, and they can be noisy and messy...

Once we got home we opened crepe-paper Santa Heads filled with goodies that Aunt Linz made, read about Jesus' story, and then switched gears again and laid some cookies out for Mr. Claus...and in the morning, I am pretty sure there will be some giftage.

12 Days of Christmas: Gingerbread Houses

Big Sis' class made Gingerbread (graham cracker-milk carton) houses yesterday. I was a helper. It was sticky.

I got another Christmas surprise. My DH's mom made this apron: I LOVE IT....

My DH's cousin sent it to me. Thank you Wendy!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My husband is hot.

Well, he's actually cold here, but isn't he hot when he's cold?

Soundtrack of the week...

June Christy, The Merriest!

Want the whole album? Found one here.

The part that stood out to me on the treadmill this morning at 6:13 AM:

"Hope there's oil under your rosevine
Hope you get that raise
Hope you hope everything goes fine
the next 300 and some odd days

Friends for the loners
A Song for the singers
Grins for the groaners
make the day the nothing can compariest
have the most, the merriest!"

12 Days of Christmas: Santa


Even though she got a chance to visit the Big Man, she still wrote a letter, just in case, at least it benefits a good cause (other than her OWN).

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Surprise for Me!

What? I won Wintuk Tickets on Design Mom!


Our performances are complete and now we can relax into Christmas week. The past few weeks have involved a lot of hair and a lot of outfits:

Violin Concert:

Big Sis' outfit was acquired on super sale at Bloomingdales the day before the performance. I love this brand: aqua. I thought the blouse and the dress by themselves were too grown up for her age, but together: Excellent!

Violin Ensemble Concert:
I can't handle these green polka-dot shoes:

Choral Concert:

I particularly enjoyed the black sparkle converse shoes with silver tights:

And Lil Sis had a few outfits of her own. She has taken quite a fondness for this hat that Big Sis acquired in Texas this summer:

And after an unexpected snowstorm, we grabbed a brand new outfit, head to toe so that she could be warm for the rest of the day...I love these plaid pants:

Thank goodness for the recession, nothing is full price....I am stocking up like a little squirrel for when everything is expensive again, all in the name of contributing to our failing economy of course!

12 Days of Christmas: Caroling


We Christmas-caroled at a local nursing home. The adults commissioned the little ones to sing little duets and trios. We went floor by floor and spread Christmas cheer through song.

Lil Sis always wanted to sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas. We followed up our performance with a little Skype Caroling on Monday night. Something we will repeat next year, way fun...and much warmer!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Memory Sunday


Since I am the oldest of 4 siblings that span 11 years time, I had to believe in Santa Claus until I left home, for the benefit of my younger siblings. I would always give my parents a wink and a Thank you, after I had seen what Santa had brought me.

In 2002, I played Santa for the first time. I was at my parent's house, setting up toys for my first-born. Jay-Jay the Jetplanes, Chicken Dance Elmo and some board books were among the little gifts that I carefully placed near and in her stocking. Even as I was setting up Santa's gifts, I could hardly believe it was me doing it...I still felt so strongly that Santa had really done it, when I stepped back to examine my (his) work.

In the morning, discovering the gifts with our baby was such a thrill. I will never forget her fuzzy hair, polka-dot pants and big smile, as she experienced the excitement of Christmas morning for the first time.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Jammies


Every year I want to get Lanz pjs for the girls, because my mom often dressed my sister in me in them at Christmas time. I never find JUST what I want during my yearly search.

This year I DID find just what I wanted at the price I wanted...jammies and robes to COSTCO! You can see at the bottom of their robes, the print matches almost exactly with mine pictured above.