Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gradually Going Thrifty

My daughter got an assignment from her 1st grade teacher: a 100th Day of School Project.

The teacher listed suggestions for the 100 project, but all seemed to involve 3-D or food (buttons, macaroni, M &Ms). Her suggestions brought to my mind having to go spend money on something.

These days, I do not part easily with my green.

My goal was to create a 100's project without leaving my house.

I found yet another way to use up some of those scrapbook supplies; decoupage that has just been sitting there for years, and I even made my own poster board instead of wasting gas to go out and buy one for too much money.

It took Big Sis and me 5 hours to complete the project. I confess to doing about an hour prep work on my own, the day before while she was at school. I was proud of her stamina. She powered through it and only took a few short breaks, including one for lunch.

Big Sis traced 100 circles in rainbow colors and varying sizes. We were so glad we decided to decorate all the circles before cutting them out. That was key to our success:

In lieu of a poster, I duct-taped together 4 square pieces of cardstock. Then Lil Sis (she couldn't NOT be involved) and I glued down 100 pieces of blue paper as our sky background. I decoupaged that because it was not the best glue-job in the world:

Here are a few of the 100 circles we decorated, mostly documented specific school days, general school day activities (free choice, art, gym, 100's chart from math class etc.), and when we were spent for ideas: stickers, etc.

And the finished product:

Time: 5+ hours
Money: $0.00
Reuse: 100%


Evie Parks said...

I love this! I think it's great that you involved your daughter in most of the work--I see parents ALL THE TIME who do 100% of the work for their kids. That, to me, just entirely defeats the purpose.
Bravo for created a completely unique 100th day poster!

Laura said...

I am impressed. We have this same project due for my first grader. I love the idea... but five hours???

Your a great Mom.

Chloe said...

You're such a good mom :)

Linz said...


Lisa said...

I really love this!

The Larsen's said...

nice work. those craft stats are perfect!
im proud of all three of yoU!

Janet said...

Bet the teacher was happy.