Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Loves January

Getting RIGHT on that mysterious leak in the walls and ceiling on 1/1/09
The Bourne Dance....It NEVER gets old.
Bringing us tulips!
When you touched up the light green paint, with the dark green paint.
Being excited about our movie date
Listening to me complain about the budget..being patient with me.
Caulking the kitchen. are a handyman!
Getting me Mint Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream after a long day with Lil Sis.
Serving, serving, serving.
Giving me some breaks from Lil Sis on Sat. We haven't been getting along lately.
The warm, snugly blankie with you.
Sharing a bight of your donut with me.
Helping me make it to my audition.
Sticking to your new diet and exercise regime, checking out your progress, often.
Enduring therapy with me, good job.

Big Sis:
Asking me a steady stream of math questions in my morning fog or during times of stress. AH! I don't know what 127 plus 16 is.
Trading places with sister and imitating her to a tee. Hilarious.
Thanking me for making your bed.
Being so excited about your Chinese New Year Birthday Party
Asking me to quiz you on subtraction during our commute.
Loving the Bye Bye Birdie songs....Telephone song!
Climbing into bed with me on Sat. morning wanting to know why we weren't seeing signs of Jesus' coming? Introducing you to the concept of telling me you are too young to die.
Working for 5 hours on your 100's project. Stamina.
Telling me you will be 98 in the year 3000....well...not quite.
Poor little bug with a high fever-being disappointed that you no longer have perfect attendance.
Taking care of your throw-up all on your own....thanks for that.
Being so brave at the doctor. Feeling so betrayed when the doctor gave you two throat cultures.

Lil Sis:
watching you try to do jumping jacks. Either the hands move or the legs, never both at the same time.
I gave you some 7-UP. For some reason, while drinking it, you were inspired to tell me about Ballt, and a girl in it who had spots on her face and went to the doctor and the guy with the green eyes scared her. I then figured out you were talking about the movie Bolt. And since I didn't see it with you, I have no idea what you are talking about. Then you took another sip and said: Fuzzy. And a few sips later, you burped and said Excuse Me and then you asked for some more...and then when I said no, you told me your tummy hurt.

You are always breathing deeply and sighing, all the time. I am starting to wonder if its asthma or just your way: deep breaths, bigger sighs.

Giving me a haircut with training plastic chopsticks and an ikea plastic knife.

When I told Big Sis that if she played her A Melodic Minor Scale it would make me feel all tingly inside, and LIl Sis immitated me and said: It will make me TINKLE inside!

Making up the Hey Diddle Diddle new are a great little singer
You lie constantly....and I wish you didn't but it's also cute and funny and NERVY....


Chloe said...

For some reason, this particular "My Loves" gives great insight into your girls. What a great snapshot of them at this point in their lives - awesome kids :)

Aprilyn said...

Lil' Sis sounds like such a character but so funny too.
Are you going to sing in the Alumni Choir for the YNS Spring Concert May 3rd? I'm finally going to take my kids to see where I grew up. We're all going and I'm very excited!!

Kage said...

Aprilyn, Lil Sis is crazy..I am not doing the YNS Alumni choir in is the same weekend as my revlon run/walk here, but I am also not traveling until middle Summer....unless something unexpected comes up. Have a great time.

Heather said...

Lil sis also tried to give me a haircut, however, I didn't realize they were chopsticks and thought they were children's scissors, so I ran away from her.