Sunday, January 18, 2009

Past Two Weeks

Experts (?) say that it takes two weeks for a habit to form, so I have been trying hard to get into a routine that will soon become habit...

The past two weeks:

I have had more of:

Regular Exercise
Reading Scriptures
Lunching with Friends
Meal Planning & Executing
Chatting on the phone with friends and family
Order in most areas of my life
Making the kids beds (Big Sis even thanked me for making her bed today...what?)
Picking up/Straightening Up

I have had less of:
tv viewing
fighting the current


Rachel H said...

That sounds just wonderful.
I got a "thank you for the wonderful dinner" tonight too from my kids...and- boy!- was that nice.

Gedde Adventures said...

Well I certainly miss your pics and blogs, but I am happy for you that you are doing all of these things... do you feel any better??? I pray for peace for you today, Kage...

Gedde Adventures said...

PS- Did you know that Nie is back to bloggin'? Just thought I would let you know in case you weren't aware, since you are the one who introduced me to her blog! :)

Kage said...

Sara, thanks so much. I am feeling better...noticing triggers....trying to avoid them!

I have been following Nie, and wa happy to see her blogging again. I am reminded that my 2008 absolutely pails in comparison to Nie...I am praying for her family.

Kage said...
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Kage said...
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