Thursday, January 15, 2009

Third Person Thursday

She had a casting last week that required her to have a passport valid for the next 6 months and blank pages.

Her passport was going to expire in 3 months. Her agent urged her to go anyway, since the actual job was the next week.

Every time she attended an audition at this studio she was there for a minimum of 1 hour. Unfortunately, she was going to have the girls with her, so she tried to be prepared. She downloaded an entire movie to her ipod, bought a Y chord so that both of them could have their own set of earphones, and packed her back with chocolate milk and pirate's night in a bag!

She got there and was immediately turned away because of the date her passport expired. She was relieved because there were already about 30 girls waiting to be seen, and she was early for her time. She could have done without the schlepp in the cold with the kids, but overall, she was pleased that she couldn't audition, and that she found out before she waited.

Since this was the second time in 2 months she had been denied an opportunity to audition because South Africa will not accept people into the country with passports that expire sooner than 6 months time, she decided it was time to renew! She took the girls to the first drugstore they could find and all three of them got their passport pictures taken.

She had lots of clothes and bags all spread out so that they could stand in front of the white background in the required street clothes. She finally paid and gathered up her things and half a block away her hands started feeling cold. She tried to find her gloves: this bag? that bag? her pockets? HER pockets? She realized she must have left them on the photo counter. Back they went, the wind whipping them, hands held tight together.

They perused the whole photo center and did not see the gloves. She stopped again and searched all the same places again: bags, pockets, and then took of her hat, and found them inside her hat, on top of her head the whole time.


Alisa said...

This made me smile this morning-
Its like looking for my glasses and realizing I am wearing them.

The Larsen's said...

oh Kage. at least your head was really warm.

HHRose said...

Huh. Maybe I should have looked there.

Zinone said...

He he he he he he...

onehm said...

:) CUTE.

Melissa said...

at least they weren't in or on your hands...that would have been my story.
i hope you get booked to south africa - I will come be your nanny!