Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Brain Check.

It's been about 335 days since the HB08. Yesterday I had my neurologist appointment.

As my doctor was digitally paging through my latest MRI I found myself getting a little teary. I gave myself a pep talk: You can do this. You can get through this appointment.

My doctor is way on top of things. She is my official third opinion and there was still more to learn today. I got a good, clear look at the frontal lobe bleed on the right, above my eye. I think that's when I got a little teary, because I had never really seen a picture of it before. And, she also found one on the left that had gone unreported. That one was smaller and off to the side, near my ear. She explained that these spots would always show up on my brain scan, so I guess that left spot could have been ages old, but she presented it as a result of HB08. The trauma was spread farther than I ever knew.

We spent a lot of time discussing the latest challenges I have been facing and the treatments I am pursuing through seeing other specialists. I was feeling a lot of anxiety about possibly changing AED's, but she answered all of my questions thoroughly and I felt much better about going forward with all the areas of treatment that I am embroiled in.

I left feeling: I'm not crazy...I'm just....crazy. Which felt just about right to me.


annaka said...

You really do an amazing job of being up-beat and positive (even if there are a few tears). Good luck girl!

kristie sessions said...

im proud of you. you got through it with only a few tears and no psychotic reactions. nice job. I pray for blessings for you in '09.
are you having an anniversary party? you might as well get through it as best you can. ; )