Monday, February 02, 2009

Cool as a Cucumber

"Cool as a Cucumber" is one of those phrases that my mom used all the time when I thought I was dying of some ailment growing up. She would feel my forehead and exclaim: Cool as a Cucumber.

Finally, after 6 straight days, Big Sis woke up from her (our) 3-hour nap yesterday afternoon and I could say: Cool as a cucumber. Actually, I think I said, with relief: YOU FEEL COLD!

And she stayed cold. And she rose her head off the pillow and pulled out a few barbies today. Playing for 20 minutes wore her out though, thus the 3-hour nap. My excuse for my matching nap: I'm medicated!

Unfortunately she was 101 before the coolness moved in and she did still require a long nap and she is coughing and deep snorting a lot. So, one more day at home I think. And perhaps a half day as her first day back on Tuesday. Perhaps.

I am so glad she weathered this nasty nasty virus.


Catherine said...

glad big sis is through the worst of it, and will better soon!

retrobec said...

That must be a "mom" thing, because my mom used to say the same exact thing to me! It used to bug me, because I was always hoping I could get out of going to school. But moms always know...

Sounds like a nasty virus, though. Glad to hear Big Sis is feeling better. Is the rest of the family ok?