Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gradually Going Thrifty: Birthday Gifts.

When I was growing up, the routine was to stock up on new clothes three times a year. We went school shopping, and then got some winter boost-of-wardrobe at Christmas time and then summer clothes for our spring birthdays (all four of us had birthdays right in a row in the spring). We also got our spring/summer Sunday dress on Easter Sunday. The point here is that clothes were always associated with a gift or event.

This family tradition makes perfect sense to me, but I have found myself in the habit of just buying clothes whenever I want, and also stocking up on a season, every time there is a new season. I just buy stuff and then throw it in the closet to wait until it's time to wear it.

So. The thrifty part, because so far this does not seem thrifty at all.

The thrifty part is that the recent stock up (which was less of a stock up then my over-indulgent past), is my kids birthday presents! I am not just hanging up the new clothes in the closet, I am wrapping them and giving them as gifts. This lessens the amount of presents I have to buy, and the presents have a practical use-wear these clothes!

I also saved a few Christmas gifts that I did not give to the kids, and will be giving them as birthday gifts. Rain boots and summer flats, on huge discount at more practical gifts.


Rachel H said...

That's good - I always try to buy off season clearance for the upcoming year for my kids at my favorite shops and it saves MAJOR $$!

HHRose said...

I have very few memories of ever receiving gifts that I really WANTED, rather than NEEDED (until I became an adult). The deal in my family was always if you need socks, you get socks. If you need a bike because your old one is too small, you get a bike. Occasionally the want and need overlapped. It has caused much clashing with my DH over gift-giving now, but I think it was a good habit to set. It taught me to pay attention to people's needs. (I'm rambling...) Bottom line: good for you.