Saturday, February 07, 2009

Gradually Going Thrifty

I was finally suckered into writing the 25 random notes about me on facebook and one of my random items:

I have had a Carnation Instant Breakfast for breakfast for the past 25 years, with a few exceptions: pregnancy and a short experiment with cornflakes.

I would add that I sometimes have what I call Second Breakfast if I have already had my CIB and then want cereal or some other breakfast item with it, this usually when I MAKE a big breakfast or after a workout.

Anyway, my friend sent me a link to a Craigs List add selling boxes of Carnation Instant Breakfast for $5.00 each. I would have considered this if it was the right flavor (anything chocolate), but the vanilla was not appealing to me, because I pay more than 5 dollars for a box.

However, it got me thinking, so I checked out Amazon. I found I could buy 3 boxes of Instant Breakfast for $13.82, making each unit about 46 cents each...and to qualify for free shipping I just got 6 boxes. My DH now participates in the instant breakfast ritual, so we go through it much faster.

My current grocery store price before tax (is there tax on food in NYC? maybe not....), has each unit at 58 cents each. If my DH and I go through 2 units a day, that's 6 boxes a month, so switching from my grocery store to amazon saves me $7.20 a month and $86.40 a year. That's like a new pair of shoes, a few trips to the movies, whatever. It's more of my money in my pocket.


ReeSesPcS said...

Are these the normal boxes of carnation as in 8 or 10 packets in a box? Do you get the sugar-free kind? That seems like a huge amount for carnation! I think I pay $3.85 for a box of sugar-free kind so the regular kind is even cheaper than that. I found it was cheaper to by the tubs of powder. Maybe your area doesn't have that. You'd have to measure it out yourself though, but hey..less packaging to throw away :)

Kage said...

Reese, maybe I should take a special trip and fill my duffle bag with the mysterious brown powder...think they'd let me on the plane?