Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gradually Going Thrifty

Birthday Party Part 1:

Since I have half-heartedly committed to trying a year without scrapbooking (publishing blurb books and a snapfish album instead), I have lots of extra scrapbook supplies that need a second life.

So, I packed it all up in my bag and went to a friend's house who is a stamper/crafter.

She helped me put together a super simple birthday invitation, donating some 3-D stickers, envelopes and ink to the project (thank you). I then printed the back and adhered them and stuffed them in the envelopes.

I feel confident I could have come up with something equally as thrifty without the help of my friend, but she definitely added to the project with her cute Birthday Stamps and supplies and enthusiasm for all things stamps/cards.

I know these could have been even spiffier, but I wanted something functional, simple, that took little time and was almost-free.

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Jen said...

oh, I think they're darling!