Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gradually Going Thrifty

It was a tiny bit of a pain, but after about 45 minutes, I saved some cash.

My doctor told me I should enroll in the 90-day supply of meds program with my insurance. I was resistant for almost a year because I am fiercely loyal to my Steinway Pharmacists. Recently I couldn't find parking after a half hour of circling and they brought my meds out to me at the curb.

I will still fill a few prescriptions there. Don't worry.

I found the website for my prescription provider and it illustrated this great chart for me. Every 30 days I spend around 20 dollars at my Steinway Pharmacy for my meds, adding up to about $260- per year.

Then the lowEST cost alternative flashed on the screen. the generic equivalent of my drug would cost me less than that amount for a 90-day supply, saving me $180- per year. Ok, that's better than the Instant Breakfast savings. I remember discussing the newly unveiled generic with my doc, and we decided against it. I called the nurse, because this was just too good.

While I waited for her to return my call I saw a second saving alternative. Stay on the BRAND, switch to the mail-order 90-day and save $166 per year. Well, that is STILL a huge savings.

Once the nurse called back and explained that the FDA has approved 11 different companies to make my drug, with a 10% margin of error and that a study in Canada of patients who switched over to generic (by force of government), 17% of seizure sufferers switched back to brand, I was ok with the 14 dollar difference.

So I printed out the paperwork, filled it out, stuck a few stamps on it and now I am just staring at the $166.56 I am saving each year plus gas. Well, I will still be stopping by Steinway Pharmacy for other prescription needs, but if we lose our car in '09, I can always switch those prescriptions to my neighborhood pharmacies, and perhaps print out my blogs about Steinway and ask them to please consider being as great as Steinway Pharmacy. Please.

Total Projected Savings for 2009 (so far): $1092.00 (ok, most of that was the cable, but hurray!)

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