Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I am not Megan Paul...

...but maybe I wish I was?

From USA Today:

A lot (I mean a LOT) of people mistaken me for the Zyrtec Girl. I noticed she is on a Chilli's spot now. And also the Listerine:

Oh yeah, and tic tac and axe

and so yeah, maybe I do wish I was Megan Paul....


HHRose said...

I'm sorry...but I think you're way cuter than her. You have a much more distinctive look.

Helen said...

I agree with HHRose - everytime I see the Zyrtec commercial, I think how much better it would be if you were the actress. My DH has said he thinks you look like her, and we have a "discussion" about that everytime he says so. If we can't see your face, I am waiting to see your hands on Nuvering!

Zinone said...

Okay at the very least you need to re enact the axe commercial. It is HYSTERICAL!!!

I know you well and know your work, and I still take a second look at this girl thinking it is you!

You should be VERY happy with your career my darlin!!!!!

Lacey said...

Are you sure it's not Megan Hall? Under the picture it says Megan Hall and in the little article it says Megan Paul. I think she must have a split personality but I know some poor picture person just misunderstood whoever was on the phone and an editor didn't catch it.

beth said...

I think it goes in waves. Next year she'll be wishing she was you.

Suzi said...

There is also a Crystal Light commercial with a girl in that looks so much like you...she totally has your old haircut...I keep thinking it is you.

todd said...

I think u r LoveLy KG !!

picked up your baby magz cover at
wallyworld !!

SO totaLLy MISS U from doing those
weekend up date gigs with Sam Donaldson ABC news , u know where u sang and did a spotlight feature about current events like those wall st banker dudes and such !!

anyhow i taped em all !!
u sing GREAT !!!!

Ohio Univ College 'o FiLm
anyway u could send me a autographed pic ???

videotodd at juno dot com