Sunday, February 08, 2009

It Spread

Remember the virus?

Lil Sis and me.

both have it.

All the money I had budgeted for winter break was spent on:

lemon zinger tea

We surrender.


Evie Parks said...

Oh my goodness, I hope you girls feel better! I hate that all that budgeting work you did went toward all the remedies.
Best wishes for a quick recovery! (and prayers that the infamous virus doesn't spread to your husband next!) :)

LMT said...

What a mean bug you guys have. Sorry it is spreading. Take care of yourself. I am telling you, try that honey!

Let me know if you need anything.

Catherine said...

as a mom and her 4 year old are just recovering from that virus, I lost my voice for a week!, and had a hacking cough that hurt my head from coughing, the cough med, Delsym, saved me.........they make it for chidren too paige and I shared 2 bottles before we were healthy again! if you get it, get the Children's Delsym in the grape flavor.........
feel better glass posse and keep the other 1/2 of the posse healthy!
catherine and paige

kristie sessions said...

ugh! I am so sorry! Hope it doesnt last as long this time.