Saturday, February 28, 2009

My February Loves

That email you sent after reading my blogpost
Those flowers you brought me.
Being proud of those men who went and shoveled the snow at the church.
Doing all the dishes all the time.
Giving your new hat a chance.
Bringing us Valentine's Day Roses. 10 for me, 1 each for the girls.
Taking us to breakfast for Valentines Day.
Complaining about the girls' collective, constant, disgusting, lasting coughs.
Buying tickets for you and my Dad to go see a Duke game, and being excited about it.
Doing all your church and work duties....
escaping THE DID you do that?
Keeping all your balls in the air do it ALL

Big Sis:
The pink in your cheeks after your first day back at school.
Loving your new button: Kiss Me! I practice!
Stealing Sister's brussel sprout.
You planning Dad's birthday dinner and going out just the two of you while Lil Sis and I were sick.
Wanting to save our Friday night waffles for your school movie snack.
Being so excited for your Valentines and party to go with it.
Saving your Valentines $$ to buy a hot dog.
Making Valentines Day cards for all three of us and setting them out on the table with chocolates to surprise us for Valentines Day. When I asked you the best part of Valentines Day, you replied: The surprise (referring to her Valentines surprise for us)
Letting Sister have the Dory match b/c you knew she wanted it so much.
Enjoying the visit with Grammy and Papa SO MUCH...being so let down when it was time to go back to school.
Planning a joke with Grammy and Papa. After seeing HOTEL FOR DOGS, having Grammy tell me the whole movie was in Spanish. And I believe you b/c you also got Lil Sis to talk in her version of Spanish.
Practicing your violin almost completely on your own on Thursday.
me: "How do you know what stratus clouds are?" her: "from my nonfiction research!"
Wanting to discuss the details of your birthday party a few times over.
Your reaction to the grown man you saw on the subway, reading a Junie B Jones book

Lil Sis:
Dressing up as Wendy and addressing me as Miss Dahling...two days in a row.
I love when "Helper Maria" comes to clean the house, b/c she always finds everything you have hidden.
I knew you were a packrat, but now you are officially a crook. Trident gum, right in the pocket, right out the store. Sneaky-kins
Getting upset when Sister stole your brussel sprout.
Asking to put the tree up, every time it snows.
Holding hands while we watched Anastasia when we were sick.
Hula Dancing.
Eating everyone else's breakfast when we went out for Valentines Breakfast.
Bringing me a coke and saying: Mom, let's share this coke.....come it.
Requesting to remove your red nails and put on black with silver sparkles, so that you could look "fancy."
At dinner: "I smell something stinky!................(big smile)......It's ME!"
Returning the gum and saying: "I stole this gum. I'm sorry"
Hearing you say Go Fish!
Asking for the Dory card every single turn putting all other Nemo fish matches aside, b/c you wanted Dory THAT much.
Helping me with the Oreo cookies and the waffles...insisting on aprons
being brave at my casting and asking the monitor for some scratch paper, and asking a fellow actor to play with you while I went in to audition.


Linz said...

I have started something like this in my journal and I'm really enjoying it. I love your list! It makes me feel like I can keep up to date on the girls' developing personalities.

b.liz said...

I love this idea always have the cutest things to say. I think it would help me appreciate the little things my kids do! Maybe I'll start one of my own.