Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pass the Serotonin Please...

I am like 97% healthy, after almost 2 weeks of fighting this virus. I worked out for the first time yesterday, and committed to getting back into my morning routine this morning.

I couldn't do it.

I just KEPT sleeping. And that after the day before, sleeping WAY in AND having a nap. And today I felt tired and like I wanted a nap again.

Yesterday my DH called me grumpy. I denied it of course. Today I felt edgy. Big Sis and I clashed a lot, which is not the norm, and Lil Sis and I had some RAM action at bed time.

I think the answer is to get back to my workouts. When I miss those, it's bad times....today I almost felt that fluish, achy feeling, which has nothing to do with the flu, it's just the depression trying to set in.

So, maybe if I write about it, it will happen. Tomorrow....the gym...me....and some serotonin puh-lease!


beth said...

When I don't exercise it TOTALLY effects me. I hear you. Good luck. It's always hard to get back into routine.

Lisa said...

We will go together!

Linz said...

What's RAM?

Kage said...

RAM: Random Acts of Malice.

No, really.

RAM: When a mother/daughter set that are too close in age share the same astrological sign, which happens to be a RAM and figuratively and sometimes literally head-butt several times throughout the day. every. day.