Thursday, February 12, 2009

So, THIS is how it's gonna be ~ TPT

Such a beautiful day yesterday! She didn't realize how beautiful the day was until she walked outside. She had finally gotten her shower, dressed in her audition clothes, makeup on, she was ready to go.

Lil Sis, after being cooped up for days and days and days was spunky when they left the house. She had loaded the ipod with her request: Christmas Episode of Yo-Gabba-Gabba, packed the lunch and briefed her on the plan: casting, and then possibly the park.

See, Lil Sis has had her eye on a newly constructed park in our neighborhood. It was finally completed during a stretch of our coldest days this winter, and she would not let the kids try out the new park, because of the weather. Today was a good day to give it a test-run.

At the casting, Lil Sis watched her ipod and chewed on her peanut butter and jelly sandwich while she went in and performed her industrial audition a few times. They made great time getting home and arrived at the new playground, just as Lil Sis' playschool friends were packing up to go back to school. She was excited to see her friends, but equally excited to have the brand new playground all to herself.

She watched Lil Sis explore and perk up, and at the same time, she was feeling pretty spent, not quite 100% healthy yet. She sat on a bench with her nose and eyes running, wishing she was feeling well enough to enjoy the weather. Then she got hungry. She spied her favorite bagel shop across the street and realized she had their number in her phone. She phoned in her delivery order. A few minutes later, the bagel employee crossed the street with her bag of food and she signed the receipt and just bought her daughter a few more minutes of play.

Of course they ended up sharing the sandwich and the grapefruit Mash, and she just kept fading and fading. She knew that after the shower and the beautiful weather that if she was still feeling like crap, that meant, she wasn't quite healthy yet. Pass the lemon zinger please.

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Beth said...

I love that in NY you can get your bagel delivered to you across the street. Awesome. Feel better.