Wednesday, March 04, 2009


You voted, and honestly, I went with what I wanted in the end. ; )

The feather fascinator came and it's superb.

I'm not sure about the half-face bandeau yet. I think with proper placement, it might work very nice with the feather piece, but the feather on it's own is working so well with the dress. My shoes are pretty great too. And I have to say, my hair is JUST RIGHT for the whole look.

Now I just need the weather to turn so that we can get some great shots. Our aim is to probably end up trashing the dress, so I would like some warmth for that.

Lil Sis took this pic, she did a pretty good job huh?:

I want to keep some surprise in the shoot, so I opted for my stand-in to model the new accessories:

These pix from the girl who at our last casting, ground her teeth tight together and gave a thumbs up (random). We did NOT book that job. Oh...that dimple....glad that's permanent!


Evie Parks said...

soooo cute-awesome pick!
i love the shots of lil sis...she is quite the model!

LMT said...

I was wondering which one you chose. Darling O and you look smashing in it!

Linz said...

These are so pretty!

Ann said...

oh my goodness she's such a cute little poser!!