Sunday, March 08, 2009

Birthday Report Part 2

My Sister helped inspire a few of our party ideas:

She had a valentine's day party earlier this year, and made fruit and cheese skewers for the kids. I thought this was a festive way to present boring old fruit. The funniest part of our fruit and cheese skewers were how the kids, collectively decided they did not care for the cheese. I provided a bowl for them to dump their cheese in. Then a few started trying it and then everyone liked the they picked it back out of the bowl.

I have already posted about the surprise balls that I made, from inspiration of my sister sending Santa surprise balls each Christmas. I tried to come up with a creative way to present our ocean pearls, as I called the surprise balls.

I made a fringe ocean with the remaining crepe paper. I also layered it with some of the mesh ribbon my mom wrapped Big Sis' presents in:

Behind the ocean was my friend Heather with red gloves and the labeled pearls, with each girls name on it:

The girls lined up and stated their name. Then I doused them with blue sea glitter a la Alice's Teacup, and told them to make a wish. Then out popped the red-gloved hand with the pearl to match the girl:

Then it was time for the sea pearl frenzy. One girl unrolled her ball to the plastic baggy, and popped the ball into it: All done! I explained that she had to keep going.
A few quotes:
This just keeps going and going!
A #1 sticker? (no, it's a 7...just keep rolling)
I know what THIS's a SURPRISE ball (snotty tone)
AH! Look at this headband!
Oh my gosh! I can't believe this!
Hey, I didn't get a ring (yes you did, everyone got the same thing, look through the tissue paper)
Lots of joy, lots of laughter...worth ALL the nights sitting and rolling the balls!!!

Thanks for the inspiration Linz!

The final shout-out to sister is her GREEN wrapping. She wrapped the gift in a manila envelope, and made a card out of a discarded paint chip from her recent quest for just the right shade for her new walls!

Big Sis noticed and was THRILLED with the reuse.....good job.


Linz said...

Those quotes are hilarious!

I think you succeeded in giving Big Sis an extremely memorable and fun party. Mission accomplished.

It was all so colorful!

hdknowles said...

Such clever ideas, and it looks like Big Sis had a great time celebrating her day. I just finished viewing the photos - I can't believe how long her hair is!

Laura said...

Thank you for sharing such birthday cuteness. I plan on recreating a lot of your ideas!