Monday, March 30, 2009


I was sifting through boxes of old photos and found these two:

In Massachussets back in the spring of 2005, Lolly and I shot for 3 days, the catalog of Motherwear.

2 of us were modeling, and we were Kris and Kristy, so I got a new name: Gertie. Why? b/c I was wearing a girdle the entire time...hey I had a 10-week old baby.

Some of the images are STILL circulating:


When I walked out in the bra and pants, the entire audience of stylists, art directors, clients, etc., took a collective breath in. They were willing me to SUCK-IT-IN. So, I did my best...see, I couldn't wear the girdle for that pic, with the belly showing and all.




Janet said...

So fun to look back through pictures. I could do it for hours, and I DID!

Alisa said...

I recognized you! I can remember seeing you-

Melissa said...

Just got you in my mail today. Thanks, Gerber!