Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gradually Going Thrifty: Party Stuff

I used up more of my scrapbooking stash...seriously, there is still SO MUCH left...for the decor of our party:

The girls took last Saturday to create and color sea creatures, then we mounted them and tied them to the seascape that spread across our light fixtures:

The crepe paper was extra from the surprise ball party favors!
As I hung up our little homemade creatures, I felt great that I hadn't spent a dime, and that the kids had created it...

I bought this plastic table cloth, knowing that there would be lots of glitter and glue involved with the craft. It was on sale for about a dollar at Target. I then realized it was too small for the table we borrowed from our super. I then put my long Thanksgiving table cloth on the table inside-out, and laid the plastic on top of it...Jason offered to go get another table cloth, but I was very happy with this solution!

Most of her gifts were wrapped with reusable, cloth bags that I got for Christmas from Carrie:

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Ann said...

some how i missed that she was 7!?!?! until i saw her in these pics holding up 7 fingers-i'm assuming that's what she means. when did that happen? looks like a great party and some great thrifty ideas.