Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Loves March

I love my loves:

Asking for Cloff, instead of Floss
Losing your underwear in the middle of the night, only to find you had put both legs in one hole and pulled them up to your waist.

When you told us to:
"SHUT (pause)...DOWN!", when you really meant Shut UP, and it's a good thing you didn't say that, because then you would have gotten a time out.
While I was talking at the pulpit at church, I read a scripture: Mosiah 18:11
"And now when the people had heard these words, they clapped their hands for joy, and exclaimed: This is the desire of our hearts." Then I said, "I wish we could do a little more clapping in church," and then you stood up in your pew and started clapping. I guess you do pay attention after all.
We were watching Oprah and I said to Lolly: Who is that? She replied: Muh-ROCK Obama.
Cuddling one morning over a book, I said: You smell good, Lolly said: You smell..........different.
When you had a little cold, telling me you had spider webs coming out of your nose, which you later revised to be called Spider Boogers, and then later complaining that you couldn't get the bunny fur out of your eyes.
We were practicing for Easter. You hid 7 eggs in the family room, and then went back to find them, and you couldn't find half of the eggs that you JUST hid.
Sitting next to me during books, saying: I can't get the sleep out of my eyes," and then falling asleep on my shoulder.
I told you my bones were pink, you explained everyone's bones and skelescopes are white.
Calling Tarzan, Carzan

Telling me when you are a mom you will take your kids to McDonalds once a month. Being excited when I took you to McDonalds one night during your birthday week.
In a quiet, private moment during your party, you putting your arm around me:
"Mom, I'm having such a great time. I know how much work this was"
During your party when all the girls were dancing in a group and Lil Sis sat down in the middle of everyone, pouting. You went over, helped her up, and started dancing with her.
At dinner one night, I told Lolly to say this to Dad: "You look like Brad Pitt", which she did, and than Phoebe said: "You look like an arm pit!"
Discussing whether or not DH is HOT. Deciding he was NOT HOT.
Coaching Dad and me on our song for the talent show. Telling us EXACTLY what we did wrong after the performance. THANKS...we won't discuss the entire PAGE you skipped during your piece!
Everyday, after you leave for school, I notice that Bear was sitting on the filing cabinet during our entire violin practice. I never notice you placing him there, but you do every morning. 7 and still in love with Bear (who you stole from me, Daddy gave Bear to me the first Christmas we were dating in 1997).
Mommy-daughter date on Friday night. We covered all the hot topics: friends, boys, kissing, white house surprise (your FACE when I told you where we were going!), fractions, your 8th birthday, and ending the evening with coldstone-white chocolate ice cream with a kit kat mix-in for you and cake batter ice cream with cookie dough mix-in for me, which I couldn't finish-too sweet.
Being so upset about missing your concert, the art show and the beginning of the FRACTIONS unit in Math, when you got Scarlet Fever.

Being so good with helping with the party. Cleaning up and cleaning up some more, and then cleaning up some more.
Wanting to perform our song together at the talent show, and putting up with my extremely down-right POOR attitude about it.
Letting me go to Guys and Dolls with girlfriends.
Taking me to Brentano, and treating me to pre-dessert.
Going through with the concert even though you were nervous.
Sending the missionaries to come find me, to make an appointment for them to come over--sneaky.
Working so hard for us and for the ward.
Always cleaning up the kitchen.
Taking Tuesday off so that I could go to church instead of you.
When I told you that my budget was so tight that there was no more "fun" purchases you had a genuinely sad look on your face and reached for your billfold to offer me a 10-spot.
Being excited with me for the Eggroll tix.
Approving my Easter bonnet before I made the purchase.
Wanting to check the computer in the morning and you couldn't find it because I took it to the gym to do my yoga video. sorry.
Participating in Earth Hour. Okaying the use of the dishwasher and washing machine...because that's not light right? right.

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