Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New York Weekend

As if putting on a party for a baker's dozen of 7-year-old's wasn't enough, I also went out both Friday and Saturday night.

DH and I bought tickets to the Brentano String Quartet's performance at Carnegie Hall, pre-budget-recession-private-school-drama-crisis-of-09. We enjoyed our last official date until we have funneled every penny that is required to the school. Then maybe we can set aside some dollars here and there for a dinner and a movie. We hope.

It was fantastic. I have a completely new appreciation for string players since I spend so much time with one each day. One of the members of the quartet's son goes to school with my daughter, so I emailed him after the performance with all my questions.

The women in the quartet both wore these split pants, that were like skirts and pants at the same time. They both looked lovely, but I realized there is only so much you can do for a woman who has to sit and play with an instrument between her legs. A market for a designer to tap into perhaps?

Then Saturday night, a generous friend of mine who also treated me to South Pacific last year, invited me to Guys and Dolls. I have seen so much signage advertising this show, and I told my Sis to come visit me so that she could see her favorite Lauren Graham in the role of Adelaide. I have to admit, I was looking forward to seeing her, the least, because I wasn't sure a tv actor could rise to the challenge of broadway. She did really well though. She had a TON of fans in the audience, who loved her.

The show-stopper was Sit down, you're rockin the boat. Titus Burgess, who I had seen play Sebastian in Little Mermaid last year, was excellent in this scene at least, and it was a thrill to see Mary Testa, even for a few scenes. I am such an easy audience member, so easy-to-please, but there were a few things about this show that weren't quite fitting together for me.

I felt the choreographer and the director weren't having any meetings...like they were on two different planets with their story-telling. I also thought it was a strange choice to have a mute character at the top of the show, typing out "broadway stories" and then launching in to the musical. He observed scenes in and out, but mostly he would pop up randomly and with no role other than to observe. He also ended the musical by typing: The End. I was pretty sure it was the end what with the two brides on stage and the entire company and all, I didn't need it literally spelled out for me! I had mixed feelings on the use of digital backdrops. it kind of reminded me of The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular, in a not-good way.

So, there's my review. And here is me saying to my sister: Neener-neener-neener, I am seeing Guys and Dolls, while you are on Splash Mountain.

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