Friday, March 13, 2009


It's no secret my girls like boys.

Today on the train, I was minding my own business, but I noticed Lolly was occasionally burying her face in my an embarrassed manner. Finally she pointed out someone across the ways' hair. He was a young Asian man with a great haircut, short with a little long, textured, spikyness. He had great shoes, clothes, attache, and was also toting what looked like a Barney's shopping bag.

They flirted back and forth throughout the ride. He thought she was cute, and she loved his hair. After a little while, he handed me what appeared to be a brand new book. At first I thought he was trying to sell me the book, but instead, he just had it on him and decided to give it away, right then and there.

He handed us this book. With Snow White smack dab on the cover, Lolly was SOLD. She immediately delved right in and loved it.

One of her favorite things is to page through an entire book. She quickly began this ritual, discovering that 70 years ago there was a comic book featuring both the Seven Dwarves and Dumbo. I discovered parts of the Snow White story that were not included in the film (although it's been a LONG time since I have seen it, maybe I have forgotten), including the Prince being captured and thrown in the dungeon, and then escaping to try to rescue Snow, before she bit into the apple (which the queen told the Prince about upon visiting him in the dungeon before she left).

At first I was skeptical that she would like the book as much as I would (vintage Disney comics! Stop it), but turns out she LOVES it. We have read through the Snow White story a few times, and she has paged another 4 or 5 time since her subway boyfriend gave it to her. I Heart New York.

ps. RAK: Random Acts of Kindness


Chloe said...

Love it - perfect NY story...

onehm said...

WOW! That's just wonderful! What a great story!

LMT said...

that is such a cute story. Watch out for that one. She's starting young. hehe. And, how cute she is in this picture!!! So glad and impressed you got it at all.

Lisa said...

What a cool guy! And yes, I've seen those girls in action!

Penny said...

It was either my son's kindergarden or first grade teacher that said before they read about she always lets them do a "picture walk" which is basically leafing through the book and looking at the pictures. She said it was just a natural part of the reading process. When you wrote about Lolly doing that it brought back such a nice memory.