Monday, March 02, 2009


Apparently the first snow day in 5 years. So inside I sit...with two wild children that I did not expect to have with me today. I am trying to be okay with giving up my plans of keeping to myself today, and instead sharing myself with the two lovely ladies.

I just tivoed a few workout shows, hoping to get a workout in, because I missed my 5:30 workout this morning. Maybe I will get my reading in too...we'll see.

I just heard on NBC that is costs $1 million dollars an inch to pick up the snow in my city. We have 7 already. Darn.


mary said...

i think there are snow days all along the east coast--we even have one in georgia!

Lisa said...

Six hours of Go Fish???Hmmmm?

Gedde Adventures said...

Whatcha reading these days?

Kage said...

Gedde Adv-I usually have my book list on the sidebar if you scroll down.....I am pretty involved with Anna Karenina right now, and I am getting ready to start Balzac's WOMAN OF THIRTY, since that will be me soon.

I also read the Book of mormon almost everyday, which has been nice. I take a break and then come back and am reminded of the peace it brings me in my life.

I am waiting for a book to arrive (it was not avail. on the kindle), called UNSTUCK. It's a book about fighting depression. Dr. Oz (who I am a fan of) was interviewing the author on his radio show, and I am interested.

And I just finished Suze Orman's Women and Money, which was good and empowering....

Finished Edgar Sawtelle last month, very excellent read.

jlk said...

You got way more snow than we did. Sometimes it's nice to stay in, but sometimes it drives you nuts!