Friday, March 20, 2009

The story of yesterday

Oh my stress. Congress, voting, Obama (who I still support-please don't sign it!), unknowns, speculation, what does it mean for us, new school open house (will I even be able to make the last tuition payments?), more stress and finally deciding to clean the house.

I cleaned the house. It looks really good.

Thankfully Lolly was in a really good mood. She cracked me up all day. She had great energy, big smiles, funny things to say.

At lunch at Dad's work (half day of school), where you can just feel a change in the air over there, since the last time we visited, Lolly had the best quote of the day:

"Tomorrow, I am going to get an earring on my tongue."

Excuse me?

"Lots of people have them."

Name one.

"_____________" (teenager friend of ours).

Phoebe: "Well, she got hers in Brazil."

Name someone else.


LOTS of people huh?

Lolly: "I am going to get an earring in my tongue when I am 4"

ME: "Well, you will have to go all the way to Brazil because they don't do that here in America."


Belle said...

Yes, please don't sign it Obama!

Rachel H said...

That is priceless!! Wow!=) Too funny. Sure, and then at 5 she can get a Harley and a mohawk.

kristie sessions said...

hysterical! The tongue piercing part, not the obama part...

Laura said...

That is SOOO funny!

HHRose said...

Sign what? (I'm really out of the congressional loop. ;o)

Chris said...

Kage - does your daughter model for Matilda Jane? I saw a dress on Ebay and the girl modeling it looks alot like her.

Here is the auction number: 220373292515 (If you put just that number in Ebay's search feature it'll come right up.)

Kage said...

Chris, no...but she does sort of look like Lolly...I assume that's who you're referring to.

HRose, I'll email you.