Friday, March 27, 2009

Third Person Thursday

She thought she set the alarm for midnight.

Honestly, when she sets the alarm, she gets it right about 7 percent of the time, so she shouldn't have counted on it.

She left the computer on, with the White House Egg Roll page up and ready to go.

She set the alarm for 11:56. 4 minutes was plenty of time to lift up the screen, and trouble-shoot if something had gone wrong in the two hours of sleeping time she allowed herself. She imagined the Obama administration hiring some tech-saavy guy to make the site live right at midnight on the promised day of ticket distribution.

She woke up after dreaming about being on the White House lawn, with eggs and throngs of people and the giant white house. She glanced at the clock: 1:58! Of course, the alarm didn't work. She rushed to the computer and almost fell off the chair because she was half asleep.

No change to the page. She scanned again, google-searched. Nothing.

Back to bed she went. At 5:38 she checked one more time before heading down to the gym, still nothing.

Finally, at 8:15, she saw that the page had changed slightly and there was a link. She followed it and 30 minutes later she had 4 tickets for the Easter Eggroll at the WHITE-HOUSE!

She was pretty thrilled. She called her youngest sister and woke her up because she lives in a different time zone. She sang a song about the White House and Easter and her sister groggily giggled back. She hung up the phone and then texted her:

"Oh yeah, and our other sister is in the hospital, appendicitis." She got a little wrapped up in the moment. Appendicitis Sister and Woken-up-too-early sister are both fine. And she is fine too, especially now that she has picked out the perfect Easter Bonnet...come HAVE to have one if you go to the White House for Easter!


bspeck said...

30 minutes! That's the fastest egg roll ticket story of the day. Though I will say that I don't know anyone that had success after that first opening from 8 to 10.

Hope to see you there!

wendysue said...

Huh. . .you can tell I had little sleep last night, because as I started reading this I thought maybe you were getting up at midnight to make some fancy White House recipe egg rolls. Yum.

Oh, and have a fabulous time! What an experience!

Ashley said...

We tried from the beginning to get tickets... got through several times only to have it stop working and revert back to the main page. Finally at 2pm, my DH tried again and got through and we got the confirmation! I was so excited because we have never gone to this. What time did you get? Maybe we can meet up :)

Beth said...

I used to go to the White House Easter Egg Roll when I was little. Soooo cool. I have good memories of it. Can't wait to see the bonnet.

Chloe said...

Oh how fun! In all the years I lived in DC I never went and always wanted to. Enjoy a little for me!

Heather said...

Stop it! That is so fun!!!

Catherine said...

that sounds so cool! can't wait to see your blog post/pictures! have F-U-N!!!!