Thursday, March 05, 2009


Have you seen this ad? My eyes always play tricks on me when I look at it...I just can't see it. Maybe if you suffer from migraines you get you feel beheaded or something? Anyway, I had a go-see for this today, and they showed us this ad and we had to make the face.

I ran into my friend Victoria at the casting, and we went to lunch. I was so happy that we could do that, as my days sans Lil Sis are numbered.

Then I got a last-minute call for a Secret Phone Company (clients sometimes use this when they don't want to call attention to the ad campaign). I was given some copy...a script that you might here on a commercial or radio ad, and was told I needed to make up a tune and sing it.

It was pretty hilarious. I watched a wide variety (age, race, gender, song-style) of people all hear what was required and then watched their process. Some people pulled out pitch pipes, others were taking notes, a few people heard this and walked out, one woman sang it in Italian, another in German. It was so funny. Upon reading, I immediately had a tune/style/tempo enter my mind, and though I had over an hour to work on it, I never wavered from my original composition. I sang it for Big Sis a few times, in her ear and she approved.

The third time I sang it outloud was on camera, and it was alright....just another audition adventure in this great city of mine.


HHRose said...

Ah, I finally see it. She's holding her own head down in front of her waist. The problem with the picture (for me) is that it almost looks like another woman is holding the first woman's head between her hands. The pants in the picture could too easily be misconstrued as a jacket. IMO.

Kage said...

hannah, yeah, it's the wardrobe choice...