Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wrangling Updates

At the doctor's office during the virus of 2009, I found this issue of Ser Padres.

I wrangled this cover shoot for Parents December 2008 issue...didn't realize it might be used for Ser Padres too. This little one works a LOT. Her mom is really good about bringing a teeny tiny favorite something, that I usually end up using whilst wrangling her. She starts a little shy, but opens up quickly!

LOVE the shoes.


LMT said...

That cool. I love seeing your work.

What kinds of things does her mom bring? We did a photoshoot for some friends and I was no good at wrangling for the baby. This bit of info might be good for my wrangling future, HA.

Chloe said...

She is darling