Sunday, April 12, 2009

2009 Easter Parade

I have lived here for about 7 Easters now. Every other year I seem to remember the Easter Parade, and it's always when my church meets in the morning, that I remember, and so I don't go. This year I remembered and our church meets in the afternoon, so I thought it was the perfect time to stop by the parade in the morning and then come home and have a little lunch and make it to our 1 pm church meeting.

The girls of the posse got Easter Bonnets this year because of the White House Egg Roll, and so it was a good excuse to wear them to the parade too. Phoebe pictured us marching in a parade with throngs of other bonnet-wearers. She was dissappointed to find that we just meander about staring at people. Lolly had no idea what we were doing, and was completely overwhelmed by the crowds and proceeded to have a really solid Lolly meltdown. I think they were too short to really get a good look at everything.

I had seen photos of Easter Parades past, so I knew there would be some outrageous ensembles. Our little bonnets were meant to be tokens, not "floats" or anything photo-worthy. I did not expect the large numbers of photos that were taken of us. A few photographers even demanded that I tilt my head a certain way so that they could get the details of my hat with the red lipstick. I kind of wish I had put on the REST of my makeup...all I had on was that red lipstick!

The girls did not enjoy the photos at all. I didn't even stop to smile and look into the lens very much. In fact, the photos sort of got in the way of us looking at all the OTHER hats around. This is the excuse I will give for not getting the best composed photos...but it's just a taste of our experience.

Next year I would like it to be warmer out, and I would like to stay a bit longer, and not have a screaming, tantruming little one completely protesting. And maybe I won't wear a hat, so that I can be on the sidelines, observing.....but it was fun for our first Easter Parade...."on the avenue.....5th avenue...."...sing it Judy.


Chloe said...

You're rockin' the hat - love it. And I remember that coat - nice to see it again!

Evie Parks said...

Ahhhh, meltdowns. The best ones are in crowds (as you described), at birthday parties, or while traveling.

I speak from experience. Lots of it.