Monday, April 27, 2009


It feels like we have been growing out the bangs for a while, but look....a braid works now!


kj said...

Braids look so cute on her! She looks so excited!

Anonymous said...

just precious! my daughter wears braids alot...its my fave way for little girl hair!! kage, i have a favor to ask. i have been following your blog since r-moms first came out, so a while! one time you had posted some pics of your hair in a lighter color & kind of a shaggy cut. there was one pic in particular i remember & it was you & your husband. i would love to see that again to take to my hairdresser. it was perfect, cut & color. if you happen to know what im talking about can you post that please? thanks so much! your great!
p.s. i'll be buying the stuff for that salad tomorrow, beets & all!!

Linz said...

Dang she's losing all her baby fat in her face. Love how the braid sticks out. I should try that with V.