Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Calling all Do-It-Yourselfers

I can't stop thinking about Nie's Kitchen Wall.

I first saw it in Cookie Mag.

Here are a few more pix from her blog:
The kitchen wall.

Seen here too.

I have a spot in mind. I tacked up a few photos today, just to get a feel for the possibility.

I don't know.

1. How do I get it on the wall? Make copies on a special paper? Use wallpaper glue OVER it?

2. And if I do the project, how would I restore the walls when it's time to make a change?

Please share.


ripa531 said...

You could always email her (check complete profile link on her blog for her email address) and ask her how she did it. That way you'd get the how-to directly from the person who created it. Just an idea. Good luck and post pictures when you are done. Oh, and to answer the second question. You'd probably take the pics off like you would wall paper, prime and then repaint the wall.

jlk said...

In looking at the pictures from her blog, it just looks like each one is put on individually, probably with something like plasti-tac, or some other easily removable medium. If you wanted something more permanent, I get the pictures printed on wallpaper backing and use wallpaper paste.

I also agree with Ripa -- emailing Nie would give you the most definite answer. Good luck! It looks like a cute idea.

kristie sessions said...

you could do re-positional adhesive but it wont last forever. it pretty much rolls off when you rub it. then you could just repaint over it. i wouldnt do wallpaper glue because it will be messy to put on and take off. and i would use special photo paper. it will look better.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you're only using copies of the pictures that you want to use. Depending on how much sun shines on the wall -- the pictures will fade from the sunlight. I love the idea. Good luck!

LMT said...

I would use double sided tape, but use lots of it. That is just what I would do. hehe. In any case, I like where you have it.

Zinone said...

You can tell she does not have hers up with anything more than tape. The edges aren't pasted down, so basically what ever you do did is fine. It will be easy to take it down, re arrange it and or replace them if you just use double sided tape. Definately make copies of your photos on a harder stock paper. The sun will damage originals.

Linz said...

You should totally do it. That's the perfect section of wall to give it a go.

You're talking on the phone to a woman in my living room as I write this. Weird.

Rachel H said...

I agree it definately looks like tape! I would probably do that..OR I actually made a huge enlargement recently, and I attatched it to a basic foam board, and then hot glued a little ribbon hanger loop onto the back so I just used a normal nail in the wall to hang it. Really easy, and stronger than tape.

amydc said...

I have been terrible at blog reading lately. It seems there are not enough hours in the day & blog rolls have taken a back seat. Anyway- I decided to come over here & how funny that you are thinking about Nie's wall too b/c I just emailed her earlier to ask what the pics were put up with.
Great minds think alike! :)

Kage said...

amydc, let me know if you hear from nie.

thanks all for your two cents. I Am not sure if that tape idea will work, it's a high-traffic area in my home.....we'll see. I do like it though.