Friday, April 17, 2009

Camera Phone

It's been a celeb-filled week. And my camera-phone pix are simply going to blow your mind.

My fave new show this season, Fringe, hired me to be background yesterday. Oh yeah. I had like 4 callbacks for this job.

(you can tell that I am not being serious now right?)

Anyway, here is Anna Torv who plays Olivia Dunham. She needlepoints in between takes. She looks exactly like herself in person as she does on tv. I have seen a lot of celebs in the flesh and this usually is not the case. Most often they are more stunning in person (Julia Roberts, Hilary Swank, Nate Berkus, Heidi Klum, Harry Connick Jr.--a few examples).

Here is the camera in the middle of the street. They are filming about 3 cars stunting. There was a cool stunt-double of Anna driving an SUV with big screeches. The PA's were trying to get the New Yorkers to not get in the shot, most of them were pretty upset about that. I would be too.

You can't tell that well, but here is the elevator at the hotel where we is gold in hue.

The crew changed it to look silver. They did an excellent job.

And here is Russell Crowe at the Today Show. I let him share the green room with me.

This is not from my camera phone, but you can see Jason and Phoebe in the background of the Today Show here...and Matthew Broderick of course:

It's been a long week. I'm tahred.


Anonymous said...

russell crowe is looking quite hot w/his short hair!

Rachel H said...

....and Mathew Broderick's lookin' OOHLD.

hdknowles said...

I so enjoy your sense of humor. Congrats on the job.

D said...

So, did you pretend to be talking on the phone when you snapped the shot of Russel Crowe? Sneaky.

ashley said...

Just curious...
why'd they have to change the elevator to silver?

Kage said...

D, I was legitematly texting, so yeah really texting and then really snapping a photo.

ashley, I think that the silver made it look more high-end. They were trying to make a Courtyard look like the St. Regis....