Saturday, April 18, 2009

CRentral Park Party

Lolly's birthday party was rescheduled for yesterday because of the rainy weather. The weather yesterday (and today for that matter), couldn't have been more perfect. All she wanted for her birthday was a party in CRentral Park. That's how she pronounces it, with an extra R.

We had 5 families make it with about a dozen kiddos. Here is Lolly saying: I'm 4!

Phoebe had her second set of fillings done in the morning...the first two done on she was still a little wiped out from the we are waiting for our party guests:

One of our guests brought the family dog, Lolly was in heaven pulling Diamond around on her leash, for a LONG time...she made the party so great that we forgave her when she peed on our blanket.

One of her gifts was a "pockahbook" (as they pronounce and call it here in NYC). She loves it.

Balloons! Jason lost 3 while handing them out as our party favors...whoops! Lolly eventually lost hers too, after a fall that resulted in scrapies on her ankles and knees. Boo.

Dirty Fingers....summer has begun! You should have seen the dirt in the tub!

Frosting in the hair...that's so Phoebe...she has food everywhere all the time:

Being obstructed by what Lolly describes as a waterfall ponytail:

The tub water stung her boo-boos, and she decided against band-aids. These socks would do the trick in making her park wounds feel better. You betcha.

She had such a great time. So happy. So worth it! Is the celebrating over yet?


Lisa said...

it looks like the perfect day! Wish I could have been there. I love that the dog came!

Gedde Adventures said...

The pictures are wonderful. What a beautiful day. I love the pic of you and Phoebe in the balloon! :)
Have a wonderful weekend!

jlk said...

What a fun party in the park!

Catherine said...

sounds like a great day for Lolly and the WHOLE family! Love the picture of her with her "new purse"...

LMT said...

So fun. So sad I had to miss it. I am glad to see she was super happy on her fun park day.