Sunday, April 26, 2009

Earth Day Part 2

So hard to narrow it down...but here are a few more pix from our Earth Day celebration in CP!

I took a turn on the swings:

I recycled 6 MAC cosmetics containers to get a new lipglass. The girls of course had to try on one item, they both chose a different shade of pink lipstick, that reminds me a lot of what Grammy wore from 1980 to 1993:


We spotted a lot of "LIPS!" in the park. No, those are Daffodils honey.



Hammering, she found a stick shaped as a hammer, so she made this bench while Phoebe was in the bathroom. (Shout out to the park district for finishing the bathrooms already!)


evie parks said...

I heart CP.
This post makes me want to head out there!
Love Lolly's dress, btw.

Linz said...

GREAT pics.