Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Loves April

I hit the CALL button on the elevator by accident. When the operator came on, I told them: "Sorry, my daughter hit the button." When we got off the elevator she totally called me out on it.
Lolly: "Excuse me? 'I'm sorry, my daughter hit the button?' I didn't hit the button....SORRY, MY MOM HIT THE BUTTON!"

During Phoebe's violin lesson:

teacher: "please play your scale like this"-(demonstrates)
phoebe: plays something that is nothing like the demonstration

lolly: "That's NOT right"

her first words in 20 minutes of watching.
teacher busts out laughing

When you and Phoebz were playing Sound of Music, you kept calling her Weasle instead of Leisl

me: Lolly, don't you like having babies? Should we have a baby?
Lolly: We have dad and mom and Lolly and Phoebe and that's the family.
me: But, wouldn't you want to have a little brother or sister?
Lolly: Mom, can we please stop talking about babies?

Lolly: Mom, you going to sleep with me?
me: No, I want to sleep with DADDY.
Lolly: but Dad is stinky.
me: I like stinky
Lolly: you likestinky?
me: No, but I like Daddy's stinky.

When I was feeling so sick, I asked you to read me Harry Potter outloud. I demanded accents too. You complied.

Later that night when I was asleep in bed you cleaned up dinner, saved the leftovers, brushed your teeth and Lolly's, and tucked yourselves in bed right. on. time.

Being so brave for all 4 of your fillings.

Going through New York City's Field Guide with me, and wanting to know every creature in our city, what they eat and where we can try to find them. Committing to going on some adventures to try to find some of particular the only snake that inhabits our burroughs: GARTER.

Your relief at passing the scale test. Enjoying your cupcake reward.

Doing your best to both buy and wrap me a gift.
Helping to get the party going.
Caring enough to want to be involved in a celebration of my birthday!
Helping me "come from a place of YES" as Bethanny says on Real Housewives of New York City. YES, honey.
Helping me with the new crockpot.
Supporting my new extra work.
Getting the balloons for the party. Good job.
Switching to fish and seeing 3 pounds that.
I brought home my second maxi dress of the season. Jason stopped me and said:

I'm seeing a trend. This is the second of these dresses you have bought this spring. And I just want you to know that these dresses do not look flattering on you. You look small up here and really big down here.


HHRose said...

you watch that trashy show?!?! (totally kidding...the vankampen's renovation literally made me tremble on the inside.) also, "evidently, she's madonna." (I heart her.)

Ann said...

i'm so glad that you watch real housewives, too! the only one i can stand is NYC and i watch it religiously! it's my guiltiest pleasure!! so glad i'm not alone.