Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Summer or Swine?

I'm not freaking out about Swine flu.


This afternoon Lolly asked to go home from the park, after spending the entire morning planning our picnic at the purple playground. Then, after doing a little surgery on a blister in between her big toe and toe #2 (flip-flop season!), that was getting pretty funky and full of dirt, she couldn't "walk fast". I opted for taking the air-conditioned car to pick up Phoebe.

Phoebe was in good spirits, chatting up a storm. Then she sat down to do her homework just as Lolly had a tummy ache. I tried giving Lolly some coke, and she wasn't even interested in that, even though she always trys to take sips of mine at the movies/restaurants. She kept whining about her tummy and Phoebe just zoned at the kitchen counter.

Eventually Lolly fell asleep on the couch and Phoebe started crying.

I stared at them, I asked: Are you guys sick or something?

Swine Flu.

I felt foreheads. Cool.

I think it is just too much summer too fast. We will get a small reprieve tomorrow during a rainstorm and a 30-degree drop in temperature. I think a good night sleep will help too.


Beth said...

I wasn't freaked out about Swine Flu either until I saw Dr. Oz on The View. And Eliz. Hasselbeck said her daughter came home with some letter about swine flu and symptoms ???? Grrrrrr. Dang Pigs.

Alisa said...

We had the heat, then the drop in temp yesterday. Now its just muggy. Enjoy the break tomorrow!