Thursday, April 02, 2009

Third Person Thursday

She was having dreams of doing the Easter shopping at Target...walking don the aisles, gazing at the pastels and brights, the chocolate!

She had a feeling that Target would become the trap it always is: buy me! buy me! you HAVE to have me! She's on a budget, you know.

She took the girls to her casting near the East Village, and was taped for the hands-only commercial. After a stop at Chipotle (free sodas for the girls), and the bakery (free cookies for the girls-it pays to be cute), it was time to go home. They were sitting waiting for the 6 train for a while. She recognized a hand model sitting on their bench with her signature purple hand-protector gloves on...she must have gone to the audition too. She finds that girl, with her gloves a little obnoxious, but hey, if her hands were her bread and butter, she might wear the gloves everywhere too.

They waited and waited, and then she spotted the basement of Kmart on the other side of the platform.


Hey! Isn't Kmart more affordable than Target? She thought it was, so the Posse bailed and went to Kmart.

Of course Lolly wanted the life-size stuffed bunny rabbit, and when she asked: Can I have this?

Her reply: What do you think?

She honed in on the deals. She is bringing 4 girls to an Easter Egg Hunt where admission for the hunt is bringing a dozen stuffed eggs. She found a pack of 40 multi-sized eggs. She knew she had some plastic eggs from last year (tried to go green with those plastic eggs!), but she also needed some eggs for the BUNNY visit. She found 6 more eggs made of chalk, she thought that was a fun way to mix up the egg offerings at the hunt...into the basket they went.

She then sneaked in a few more BUNNY items-grass, and some clear eggs that she could put some goodies in.

She lined up and suddenly all 4 registers that were open, with about 6 people in line, each, FROZE. She took a look around and and tried to assess the situation. She expected the impatient New Yorkers to give up and leave their purchases, but apparently everyone needed a deal, including her. She saw that the girls had found a display filled with probably 150 animatronic plush bunnies and duckies, that all played a different song when pushed on the hand, foot, tummy, whatever. Some of their ears lifted up and down, some danced, some played the guitar, some had sunglasses go up and down. All were loud. VERY loud.

The girls circled the display and made sure that every single plush toy was playing. They did this the entire time the registers were down. She glanced around, a little on guard, ready to say: "If you don't like it, go stand in a different line." Frankly, she was relieved that she picked the line next to the push-button display. She knew she could wait in that line for as long as it took.

Eventually the lines were rolling again. She had several items, sneaked in the BUNNY stuff and only spent $12.50. And yesterday, at Target, she spent way less then she expected as she took a breath and breezed through that Easter aisle of temptation. Whoosh. Danger averted.


Linz said...

$12.50?! Way to go sis!

Anonymous said...

i just saw your commercial for visine. very cool!

Kage said...

Christy, thanks so much. That commercial is saving us right now!