Thursday, April 30, 2009

Third Person Thursday

Rollerblading is on the list of activities to avoid with epilepsy. But, since she has been seizure-free for over a year and she has permission to drive, she decided it was ok to try.

She started wearing a helmet a few years ago after knowing about too many people being hit by cars or having other cityish accidents. She also added knee pads to her gear.

She put on the helmet, knee pads and wrist guards and headed out. It was early enough that she could have full ownership of a nearby basketball court. The surface there is smooth and it's just the right size to make non-dizzying circles.

She knew that her ankles and shins would hurt because it had been 18 months since she had last rollerbladed. She knew her workout would need to be brief, so that she wouldn't be totally sore the next day.

Despite the cold, she enjoyed the feeling of being on the wheels. When she got to the court she started her circles. She had to concentrate hard to not hit the sides of the walls or the basketball hoops (side effects of the meds). She only hit the wall once and it wasn't that hard. After several times around she wondered if she could skate backwards, like the old days.

She began and everything went spinny. She couldn't see, control her feet, avoid bumping into things, and felt she would trip over her own feet. She tried doing it in a different direction. She tried a smaller circle (oh no....). She tried going slower. Nope. Not gonna happen. Maybe another day. She couldn't keep her head straight with an old favorite: skating backwards around the rink.

Oh well. At least she made it out on her blades, had a decent workout and didn't fall on her head.

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Heather said...

Roller Blading (or Roller Skating in my case) sounds so fun right now!!! Nice way to change up the workout!